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New Features in 2.4

Note - this list is based on the full list in Feature_Freeze_Testing_2.4 Full list is available below.













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Known issues

Function Description Issue
TBD TBD 12345

See list of regressions found in version 2.4.0.

Full list


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Extensible Help System cws ab38 adds support for help content inside extensions. Extension help content is provided together with the installed help content. It's also possible to extend the help index. The implementation supports extended tool tips and accessing extension help content by pressing F1 in UNO dialogs and menus. 20164 Announc. Spec
please support https, too OOo is now able to connect WebDAV servers via HTTPS 31053 Announc. Spec
Tools/Customize/Toolbars: Really import custom icon With the "Change Icon" dialog users can select from a list of custom icons and they also can add icons to the icon collection by importing them persistently into a user-icon list. Clicking "import" opens a file picker. The File picker points by default to the icon directory of Icons for import shall be in PNG format and shall have a size of 16x16 or 26 by 26 pixel. To remove icons from the persistent user-icon list the dialog now has a "Remove" button. Only user-defined icons can be removed! Icons which are already in the user-icon list are overwritten after acknowledge from the user. 73357 Announc. Spec
Rework ODF File Names in Filter Box see feature announcement ... 80206 Announc. Spec
extensions should have a display name An extension may have a display name. This is a name which the developer defines in the descripion.xml. This name is localized. That is, the extension may provide the display names in multiple languages. The Extension Manager will choose the language which matches most closely the locale of the office. If no display name is provided then the file name of Extension will be displayed. 81326 Announc. Spec
Additional information about the publisher of an extension and release notes in the update dialog It is now possible to see additional information for an available update of an extension in the “Update Extensions” dialog (Extension Manager Dialog -> Button “Updates”). This is first the name of the publisher and second a link to the release notes. Also the publisher name is a link. Clicking on these links will open an browser and navigate to the respective web sites. Article

81502 Announc. Spec

Remove GUI option "Automatic file name extension" from File-Save dialog (Office Dlg) With integration of SRC680/as6 CWS the 'automatic file extension'-check-box in the fie save dialog will be gone. In internal (OOo file dialog) and in external dialogs (native file picker like GNOME or Windows file file dialog). 81651 Announc. Spec
Flaws in print logic The Print dialog in Calc gets extended by a new possibility to define what part of the spreadsheet has to be printed. In older versions the print setting "print only selected sheets" is located in the Options dialog of the Print dialog and got defaulted for OOo 2.3. This raised several new issues around print output is empty when the corresponding table was not selected in the spreadsheet and the setting itself was overseen/unknown in the Options dialog. Furthermore the "Sort" option is defaulted to on and is always enabled in all OOo Print dialogs. This makes it easier to print multiple copies of a document. 82071 Announc. Spec
Support of web based extension update The Extension Manager online update feature now also supports web-based updates. That is, the “Update Extensions” dialog shows available updates which one can only obtain through a particular website and which the Extension Manager cannot automatically download. When the user installs the updates, web browser will be started which navigate to the websites where the user can manually download the update. Article

82775 Announc. Spec

Check for updates should look for extension updates, too When the office is configured to check for office updates automatically, the office will look for updates for the installed extensions, too. When any updates are found, the user will be notified via the menu bar about these updates. 82851 Announc. Spec
Add master password/ password configuration dialog to /tools/options The security tabpage in the tools/options dialog contains now possibility to control password-storing ( the passwords for specific URL-sites could be stored there ) that happens using the service By default the storing is not allowed. 82892 Announc. Spec
Asynchronous callback service required Due to developer demand a new asynchronous callback service has been added to UNO awt toolkit. The asynchronous callback service works internally with PostUserMessage. Therefore can only work when the message loop is running. 83233 Announc. Spec
allow to set a wallpaper property for dialogs Due to developer demand a new property for dialogs and tab pages has been added to uno awt toolkit. It addresses an image URL which is used to display as a background image. The property can be used with the property browsers of the dialog editor within the Basic IDE. You can find more information in the specification. 83238 Announc. Spec
Give warning if document contains features from new ODF version A new dialog to push online update by the user is shown if an ODF file is loaded written in a newer file format version (i.e. ODF 1.2) than the version supported by the currently installed version (i.e. ODF 1.1). 83653 Announc. Spec
PDF convert tool - relative links to files from file system are converted as URLs not With CWS beppec56pdflinks the PDF export filter will be able to export documents with links made relative on request. Article

56629 Announc.

PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) support would be helpful This update adds the PDF/A-1a export capability to the PDF export filter. PDF/A-1a is ISO 19005-1:2005 International Standard. A specification addendum for PDF export filter can be found at: Article

59651 Announc. Spec

Convert Document References in PDF Targets When exporting a PDF, this option changes OpenDocument extensions (such as .odt, .ods, and .odp) to .pdf. Article
Implement Insert-Movie and Sound using QTKit (QuickTime) Mac OS X natively uses the Quicktime player to play music and sound. The players currently integrated into do not function on Mc OS X. This project integrates Quicktime support. 82234 Announc. Spec
Packaging Modularization: Distributed Products: OOo w/o URE "This is one part of the broader Packaging Modularization project. The goal is to have a special OOo product ('OOo-wo-URE') that behaves like the normal OOo product but re-uses the existing URE product. That is, installing OOo-wo-URE will require URE to be installed as a prerequisite, and will use the functionality of the installed URE instead of duplicating it as the normal OOo does. For now, OOo-wo-URE is just a special additional product, but if things work out fine, it should replace the normal OOo in the future (like for OOo 3)." That (for now experimental) product is called OpenOffice_woURE and is built in instsetoo_native. See the specification URL for further details, esp. how to install it. 75466 Announc. Spec
Focus on number of copies field in print dialog In the OOo application (Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, ...) press CTRL-P if a document is open [or File / Print] NEW: The focus is on the number of copies the user would like to print which saves 4 times [TAB] to get there. 9521 Announc.
Text boxes: When limit of character reached no feedback to the user what happend If an edit box (that could be a text box as well as a combo box and all relatives) reaches the limit of characters (that could be limited at the control in the code or by the maximum (65535) count of characters possible in such controls) a message box occurs: "The inserted text exceeded the maximum length of this text field. The text was truncated." 73360 Announc.
Use of the Mac OS X spell checker Mac OS X has a built in spell checking facility in many languages. Using this facility benefits the user because they can maintain a single word list across all applications. Also, the spelling of all words will be consistent across all applications. This project integrates the Mac OS X Spellcheck services into the existing user interface. 77592 Announc. Spec.


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Disentangle the Serbia and Montenegro mess Serbia and Montenegro locales 71789 Announc.
Add locales of available dictionaries to language list box New language list box entries available for font attribution: "Nyanja" [= ny-MW], "Kashubian" [= csb-PL], "Spanish (Cuba)" [= es-CU], "Tetun" [= tet-ID] 76233 Announc.
es_VE: make VEF, Bolivar Fuerte, the default currency On 2008-01-01 the Bolivar Fuerte, VEF, will become the new currency for Venezuela. In OOo2.4 it will be the default currency for the es-VE locale. It was already secondary currency since OOo2.3. 78601 Announc.
Enable Persian Numbering support Added support of Farsi/Persian native numbering and alphabetic outline numbering, the latter appearing in Writer under Format -> Bullets and Numbering -> Options -> Numbering list box, it is not available in the preset numbering types or outlines yet. Native numbering is available through the number formatter for format codes using the [NatNum1] modifier. 79797 Announc.
Add Quechua to language list box New language list box entries available for character attribution: "Quechua (Bolivia, North)" [= qul-BO], "Quechua (Bolivia, South)" [= quh-BO] 80114 Announc.
Add Low German [nds-DE] to language list box. New language list box entry available for character attribution: "Low German" [= nds-DE] 80432 Announc.
Locale information for Hiligaynon (hil_PH) Added a new language list box entry and locale data for Hiligaynon_Philippines (hil_PH), available for character attribution, number formats and as default document language. 82723 Announc.
Add Sámi languages to language list box Various Sami entries added to the language list box. These are available for character attribution and spell-checking: ... 82927 Announc.
Locale data for Somali (so_SO) Added a new language list box entry and locale data for Somali_Somalia (so_SO), available for character attribution, number formats and as default document language. 83369 Announc.


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Convert text to columns Comma separated values (CSV) can already be imported from files and the clipboard, but CSV data inside cells could not be transformed into columns directly. The new Text to Columns feature uses the already existing Text import dialog and transforms CSV data inside cells into multiple columns. Article

4040 Announc. Spec

Need ability to move columns/rows in spreadsheet When moving or copying a marked cell range via drag & drop to a new row or column, by default the target cells are overwritten. An insert drag & drop mode can be activated by pressing the ALT key in addition to the SHIFT and CTRL keys before dropping. In this case the source data are inserted at the new position, that means the target cells are shifted to the right or down. In the insert drag & drop mode also a new preview cursor is shown. 7180 Announc. Spec
Enter-Key behaves not as expected Entering data into a spreadsheet is an important but time consuming task. So every keyboard input and mouse click which can be saved makes it faster to accomplish this task. Furthermore it reduces input errors and makes this task much more comfortable for the user. Entering data could be done column or row wise. The row wise method is improved. Therefore the Return key works like a carriage return-line feed on a type writer and allows to return to the column where the input started, but just a row below the current row. 15546 Announc. Spec
Enhanced formula input Most professional spreadsheet users do use the number pad for inputting data to save time. So it makes sense to allow to enter a formula not just by entering a "=" or hitting the Function button in the Formula tool bar. Therefore "+" and "-" can also be used to start entering a formula. This improves the usability and the speed when creating formulas in a spreadsheet. Furthermore this can be used as a little calculator. 20496 Announc. Spec
Individual per Tab Percent View Each sheet in a spreadsheet document can now have its own zoom level. 24372 Announc. Spec
Basing autofiltering on the result set, not all rows. The AutoFilter function allows to filter data in a spreadsheet by one criteria per column. This feature allows to run a quick analysis of data. The current support of multi column filtering showed some ease of use issues, therefore the AutoFilter list was overworked. Especially the naming and order of the static part of the filter list which contains the predefined filter criteria was changed. In addition the dynamic part of the filter list shows only the possible values based on the already active filtering. 27745 Announc. Spec
DataPilot: Manual Sorting It's now possible to rearrange items in a DataPilot field via Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste. The default sorting for new tables is "Ascending", it is changed to "Manual" when items are moved. 32307 Announc. Spec
Double-click in Datapilot cell should provide calculation data of that cell When a cell within the data field is double-clicked, it inserts a new sheet containing a subset of rows from the original data source that constitutes the result data displayed in that cell. For instance, when the data field function is selected to be SUM, then the number that is shown in the data field cell must be identical to the sum of all the data field values in the constituent rows displayed in the inserted sheet. 57030 Announc. Spec
Implement caching strategy for VLOOKUP and MATCH Implemented a caching strategy that for VLOOKUP and MATCH spreadsheet function queries caches result positions for identical queries in the same row with different offsets, which are often used to display several fields of a record looked up. Performance improvement is especially noticeable in non-range lookups of unsorted data (last parameter 0 in VLOOKUP or MATCH) where no binary search is possible. 81336 Announc. Spec


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Select rectangular region of text should be possible The selection mode "block selection" allows the selection of text inside a rectangular region. Article

1596 Announc. Spec

Search and Replace - can't substitute regular expression subexpression in replace Find & Replace allows backward references in regular expressions. "$n" references the nth subexpression of the found string, n >= 0, n<=9. With "$0" the whole found string can be referenced. Article

15666 Announc. Spec

Selecting the language for spell check should be more intuitive Changing the language attribute of text is a much too complicated task today. Therefore a new control in the status bar of Writer will be introduced to show the language at the current cursor position/selection. Furthermore the entire document language can be changed. Article 1034 Spec.
Insert&Insert Object toolbar redesign - Writer see spec for details 73117 Announc. Spec
Implement Language Control for Writer Status Bar As with CWS langstatusbar we hope to provide better and easier control of the texts language: ... Article

77208 Announc. Spec

Printing of "Hidden text" configuration Printing of hidden text (hidden paragraph field, hidden text field, hidden characters) is controlled via settings in tools/options/Writer/Print. 81434 Announc. Spec
Add shortcut for paragraph style Heading 4, Heading 5 and Textbody The following shortcuts to apply paragraph styles have been added: ctrl+4 => Heading 4; ctrl+5 => Heading 5 (current shortcut for 1 1/2 will be dropped); ctrl+0 => Textbody; ctrl+shift+0 -> Default 81514 Announc. Spec
Make Ctrl-click Behavior for Hyperlinks Configurable We need an option to turn off the security related feature not to follow hyperlinks on a left click. See page 57/58 (6.2.1) of the spec. for implementation details. 83402 Announc. Spec


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Equations for regression curves The equation of trend lines and the R² value now can be displayed in the chart. Article

7998 Announc. Spec Screen Shots

Reverse axes It is possible now to change the direction of axes. Thus the user can choose where the lower values and where the higher values are displayed at an axis. Article

Screen Shots 24614 Announc. Spec

Display bars on different axes next to each other In bar charts with two y axes it is now also possible to display all the bars next to each thus they don't hide each other anymore. Article

Screen Shots 26795 Announc. Spec

Number format for data labels For data labels in charts it is now possible to choose a number format for the display of values and percentage values. Thus the precision of the displayed values can be changed for example. Screen Shots

37792 Announc. Spec

Display both in the data point label: value and percentage For data labels in charts it is now possible to display the value and the percentage value at the same time. Screen Shots

43489 Announc. Spec

Allow to display each part of a data label in a separate line The different parts of a data label now can be displayed in separate lines. Screen Shots

82051 Announc. Spec

More flexible placement of labels on data points It is now possible to manipulate the placement of the data point labels relative to the data point. For example for symbol charts the labels can be placed above, below, left, right or centered on the symbol. Screen Shots

63857 Announc. Spec

Automatic positions for labels on pie segments There is an automatism now which tries to avoid the overlapping of data point labels on pie charts. Screen Shots

4039 Announc. Spec

Remove data point labels with delete key It is now possible to remove selected data point labels with pressing the delete key. Screen Shots

83344 Announc.


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Implement thrilling 3D slide transitions using OpenGL Transition is an animation where one page is visible in the beginning and another in the end. It is used during presentation slideshow to switch pages. 2.4 makes it possible to use an extension to show these 3D transitions, and when 2.4 is released, this extension will be available. Article


Slide titles should be bookmarks when exported to PDF. With CWS beppec56pdflinks the PDF export filter will be able to export documents with links made relative on request. Article

40318 Announc.

insert picture on the background This community patch from Jan Navratil introduces a new menu entry in the context menu of a slide. This menu entry lets the user choose a picture file and sets it as the background of the slide. Previously this could not be accomplished so easily, even so it is a often used task. 82911

Announc. Spec


Feature Description Specs/Issue
Author-defined logical navigation of page objects in presentations This enhancement makes the shape navigation order independent from the paint order. Drag and drop in the Navigator can be used to reorder shapes. 68097 Announc. Spec
Reduce complexity: Remove unnecessary display options Removing some unnecessary display options. These options were historically added to very early office versions due to at that time limited resources (16bit times). These options were switched off in the configuration for a long time. The following features are affected: ... 80528 Announc. Spec


Feature Description Specs/Issue
numeric(n) data from jdbc/oracle rendered as currency and not as number The Advanced Settings dialog now has a property to disable the currency return value from the ResultSetMetaData. 11746 Announc. Spec
wrong default table name in "Copy table" With the integration of CWS dba24a (680m228 or m229, probably), when you paste table-like data (a Calc range, a Writer table, an HTML table, a database table, whatever) to OOo Base, while a table object is currently selected, then this table's name, along with the option "Append data", is pre-selected in the "Copy Table" wizard. 18907 Announc.
allow to edit a view's design (underlying statement) in HSQLDB With the integration of CWS dba24c, you will be able to edit views in embedded HSQL databases. ... 49183 Announc.
property browser: invoke query designer for all properties which allow entering a SQL command With the integration of CWS dba24c, you will be able to invoke the query designer not only for the "Content" property of a database form (if it's content type is "SQL command"), but also for the list content of a list box control (or grid column), if its list content type is "SQL". The SQL command which you design in the query designer will, when saving it, be set as the respective property at the list box. 66624 Announc.
The relation design is now accessible for MySQL databases as well. The relation design is now accessible for MySQL databases as well 68858 Announc.
API: Add ability to find which table(s) or query(s) are currently selected in the main Base window The controller of the database application window now supports the interface. The method getSelection return an Any which contains a Sequence of NamedValue. ... 69740 Announc.
Allow query designer to be called in SQL view From within the property browser for a database form, you can open the query designer, to graphically design the SQL command underlying the form. ... 77492 Announc.
[RFE] UI for the FormsCheckRequiredFields data source setting For databases, there exists a per-database setting which controls whether forms check for required fields when entering data. 80930 Announc.
Connection "Microsoft Access" doesn`t work with Access 2007 (accdb) The new file format for MS Access 2007 accdb files is now also supported by the Base. When creating a new database, she can now select "MS Access 2007" as type to connect to. On the next page when opening the file dialog only the extension accdb is available. 81043 Announc. Spec


Feature Description Specs/Issue
TBD TBD 1234

API / programming

Feature Description Specs/Issue
stoc library merge Those various small UNO component libraries from stoc that are relevant at OOo startup (,,,,,,,,, have been merged into two new larger (for those components that are used during binary UNO bootstrap and need UNO type information in a format independent of types.rdb) and (for the rest). Client code should not be affected by this change. 77885 Announc.

Few of the bug Fixes

Feature Description Specs/Issue
 ??? Table has no top border when over 2+ pages 9860
 ??? Fields from Endnote skipped during Word import in OOo 2 61075
 ??? wrong cursor position when undoing "insert table row" 18014

Performance improvements

See Integrated_Performance_Improvements

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