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Purpose of this page is to document the work on Issue 121388 - Adapt naming "OpenOffice.org" --> "Apache OpenOffice".

Hopefully, it serves also the goal to have a guide how to "brand" your product based on the Apache OpenOffice project.

Usages of the name

'State of the art' usage of the name - 2012-11-23:

usage description comments examples value
name of the Apache project
  • fixed name of our Apache project
  • even fixed in derived products
  • About dialog: "... product based on Apache OpenOffice ..."
  • references to corresponding ASF trademark
"Apache OpenOffice" - fixed until Apache OpenOffice project decides on a new name
key in Windows registry orw's opinion: should be equal to product name
part of XML namespace declarations orw's opinion: should not be adapted "openoffice.org" - fixed
part of Public Identifier of document type definitions (DTD) for internal used DTDs orw's opinion: should not be adapted, but name could be removed <!DOCTYPE statusbar:statusbar PUBLIC "-//OpenOffice.org//DTD OfficeDocument 1.0//EN" "statusbar.dtd"> "OpenOffice.org"
in module cli_ure  ?
  • [assembly:System.Reflection.AssemblyCompany( "OpenOffice.org" )]
  • --assembly-company "OpenOffice.org"
in module desktop as part of a version info for Windows  ? may be related to usage in module cli_ure
  • value "CompanyName", "OpenOffice.org\0"
in meta data about extensions certain XML elements contain the name
  • OpenOffice.org-minimal-version
  • OpenOffice.org-maximal-version
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