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* OOo Build Wizard
** Repo Access - This clones, pushes etc. source code.
** Configurer - Configures a local clone.
** Builder - Builds it.
** Prerequisite Providers:
*** Mercurial
*** Cygwin
*** All external configurable things, such as
**** libxml
**** gnome
**** ...
And this is what we want to do first:
And this is what we want to do first:

Latest revision as of 11:08, 13 April 2010

And this is what we want to do first:

  • schedule of modularization tools developing
  • Create a "build helper", responsible for
    • getting the source,
    • getting prerequisites and pre-builds,
    • configuring the sources, taking care of dependencies ...,
    • and (optionally) building it.
  • Add missing/useful configuration switches (e.g. for headless support).
  • Re-factor according to needs (e.g. writer only etc.).

This "build helper" may be compared to the Linux kernels menuconfig / xconfig, first configure it extensively, ideally in a graphical way, than build it.

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