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(17时21分04秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。<br>
(17时21分04秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。<br>
(17时21分09秒) xiuzhi 离开了聊天室。<br>
(17时21分09秒) xiuzhi 离开了聊天室。<br>
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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年10月27日 星期二 13时58分58秒 on _ch_@irc.ubuntu.com (irc)
(14时29分54秒) liutao [n=liutao@] 进入了聊天室。
(15时00分45秒) liutao: hello
(15时02分48秒) _ch_: hi, liutao.
(15时03分02秒) _ch_: I am afraid they have change the time to be Winter Time.
(15时03分32秒) _ch_: that's 9:00 am HAM == 16:00 PEK
(15时03分34秒) liutao: does dr.Jin find java developer?
(15时03分54秒) liutao: OK , I See.it doesn't matter
(15时04分08秒) _ch_: no, I am afraid not.
(15时04分27秒) _ch_: we are very busy recently,
(15时04分38秒) liutao: ok
(15时04分46秒) _ch_: :)
(15时05分21秒) liutao: I told kay to ask dr jin to find a java dev but seems not.
(15时08分22秒) _ch_: He is very busy.  :)
(15时20分15秒) xiuzhi [n=Administ@] 进入了聊天室。
(15时56分52秒) ericb2: hello
(15时58分35秒) _ch_: hi!
(16时00分37秒) is_ [n=is@] 进入了聊天室。
(16时00分59秒) is_: Hello and good afternoon, all
(16时01分21秒) liutao: hello all
(16时01分32秒) _ch_: hi, all!  : )
(16时01分46秒) liutao: hello ingo. seems you change the time to be Winter Time.
(16时01分50秒) xiuzhi: HI all
(16时01分51秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-jjxvldafkfeatftk] 进入了聊天室。
(16时02分13秒) kr: good afternoon, good morning everybody
(16时02分27秒) liutao: good morning kay.
(16时02分37秒) is_: ah, yes, now we have winter time. You wait already an hour?
(16时02分47秒) liutao: yes
(16时02分54秒) liutao: but it doesn't matter
(16时03分21秒) liutao: do you know ericb2?
(16时03分23秒) is_: oh sorry. When do you change the time? Dont you?
(16时03分39秒) liutao: we do not change the time.
(16时03分47秒) _ch_: is_: it doesn't matter. :)
(16时04分01秒) kr: sorry, missed to notify you
(16时04分09秒) ericb2: liutao: this is indeed winter time (if I have understood the question)
(16时04分58秒) kr: liutao: I finally was able to look into the help wizard :)
(16时05分10秒) liutao: good
(16时06分04秒) kr: liutao: do you plan to check it into the modularization repository?
(16时06分59秒) liutao: I have already checked it into the modularization repository 3 month ago but seems I should update it.
(16时07分44秒) kr: if we want to work on it cooperatively, it is much easier if we have a shared repository
(16时07分51秒) ericb2: kr for the newcomers, can you please explain what the modularization repository is ?
(16时08分03秒) ***ericb2 discovering the thing
(16时08分24秒) liutao: you can check out in the repository.but seems can not start. I received ingo's mail this morning,seems he have idea about my problem.
(16时08分59秒) kr: yes, I was able to start it on windows by setting the java.library.path
(16时10分37秒) is_: liutao: do you use netbeans to start the build helper? As I wrote, netbeans creates its own java.library.path. So the behaviour can be different.
(16时11分13秒) liutao: yes,I use netbeans to start the build helper.
(16时11分33秒) kr: by the way, if nobody objects, I go to adapt the code to run properly on Linux :)
(16时11分50秒) liutao: great
(16时11分53秒) xiuzhi: +1
(16时11分59秒) _ch_: +1
(16时12分32秒) is_: +1
(16时13分26秒) kr: ok, so it seems that we get the .dll load problem under control, right?
(16时13分38秒) liutao: yes.
(16时15分01秒) kr: while starting the build-wizard on windows in 4nt, I get exceptions because of not set registry values ...
(16时15分09秒) kr: do we want to hide these?
(16时16分39秒) kr: ericb2: ... and by way, welcome to the modularization project :-)
(16时16分54秒) ericb2: kr: thanks :-)
(16时17分04秒) xiuzhi: ericb2:welcome
(16时19分28秒) kr: do we have something on our agenda for today?
(16时19分59秒) is_: are there news concerning the new Java developer helping liutao?
(16时20分17秒) _ch_: is_: I am sorry.
(16时20分40秒) kr: is_: if I remember correctly, it was on me, to talk to Dr. Jin again
(16时21分31秒) liutao: what about the repository?I think we can check in code if we modified something..
(16时21分32秒) is_: kr: could be useful, if you talk to Dr. Jin :-)
(16时21分51秒) kr: promise to do so!
(16时22分59秒) liutao: Kay:do you think to reorganize the directories of the repository?I am not sure what is what.:)
(16时24分33秒) kr: liutao: Do you mean the modularization CVS repository on OOo?
(16时25分22秒) liutao: yes
(16时25分46秒) kr: ... by the way, just fixed the times on the wiki and OOo pages
(16时26分38秒) kr: liutao: the repository structure is inherited from collab.net sourcecast ...
(16时26分51秒) liutao: see it
(16时27分02秒) kr: liutao: there is one directory for the web pages (www) and another one for the code (src)
(16时28分52秒) kr: AFAIR, heiner is preparing the move to mercurial - we may want to switch to a mercurial project later on anyways
(16时29分33秒) liutao: ok,I see.
(16时29分34秒) xiuzhi: yes,should do it,I think
(16时32分38秒) kr: I can't remember, did we have a list of tasks for the build wizard?
(16时33分01秒) liutao: kr:no.
(16时33分16秒) kr: do we want to create one?
(16时33分35秒) liutao: yes of course
(16时33分44秒) liutao: it can push our work.
(16时34分19秒) kr: we may want to extend http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Modularization/To-Dos, don't we?
(16时34分35秒) liutao: +1
(16时34分57秒) xiuzhi: +1
(16时35分03秒) _ch_: good. ! :)
(16时35分54秒) kr: what about everybody adding her/his tasks? than the others can see what's planned and what's currently in the works?
(16时37分26秒) _ch_: do I have right to wirte it?
(16时37分31秒) liutao: I think we should know what will do in the next step in detail for everybody.
(16时37分49秒) kr: _ch_: yes, certainly :)
(16时40分16秒) kr: liutao: any suggestions? e.g. what about somebody taking care of the "checkout the source" module?
(16时40分32秒) Gallomimia [n=Gallomim@76-10-188-107.dsl.teksavvy.com] 进入了聊天室。
(16时42分43秒) liutao: kr:Yes,seems a good idea
(16时42分52秒) Gallomimia: whoa. people
(16时43分02秒) kr: hi
(16时43分25秒) Gallomimia: i've forgotten which group holds a meeting in here. forgive my barging in
(16时43分26秒) kr: liutao: I volunteer for the "checkout the source" module
(16时43分47秒) xiuzhi: Gallomimia: hello, welcome
(16时43分52秒) kr: gallomimia: this is OpenOffice.org modularization
(16时44分02秒) Gallomimia: right! thanks
(16时44分06秒) liutao: great! do you think that we should have a specification?or some thing like that?
(16时44分49秒) Gallomimia: i'm actually looking for information on how well the localization is modularized from the application code itself
(16时45分05秒) kr: liutao: you mean API spec?
(16时45分12秒) liutao: no
(16时45分58秒) liutao: kr: just like to implement a feature in openoffice,we should write a specification.
(16时46分05秒) kr: is_: can you help gallomimia? IIRC, Ivo wanted to something in this respect
(16时46分47秒) Gallomimia: i'm very interested in making the localization a separate package from the program, rather than the current full-installer release for each language
(16时46分49秒) is_: gallomimia: yes, you have already contacted ihi@openoffice.org . He is working on the language separation.
(16时47分37秒) kr: liutao: I see - the "checkout the source" module would basically only provide an API I thought
(16时47分41秒) Gallomimia: the way i see it, ideally we would have a file to download for each OS/arch and a file to download for the localization, dictionaries, manuals, per language
(16时48分53秒) is_: gallomimia: yes, localization should be possible without looking at source code. That is the aim of Ivos work (ihi). But of course it is still a long ways.
(16时49分04秒) kr: gallomimia: this view is IMHO right, make localizations orthogonal to the code, unfortunately there many pitfalls on the way to achieving this
(16时49分19秒) liutao: OK.
(16时49分30秒) Gallomimia: my ankles are strong. i shall not falter
(16时50分55秒) Gallomimia: is it realistic to expect that say, for example, OOo 3.3 were to have complete separation of code and language. Would the items we are localizing be the same list for 3.4, or merely for 3.3.1, 3.3.2 etc, while we would need to update the localiztion fields for 3.4
(16时51分23秒) Gallomimia: and therefore, any localization package would need to have a concurrent version to the software
(16时54分39秒) xiuzhi: Gallomimia: good ,just do it with ihi
(16时54分40秒) kr: I a not sure I understand - are you saying, that localizations are basically the same for micros?
(16时55分07秒) is_: gallomimia: I have no idea about Ivos time plan, but OOo 3.3 seems to be very difficult.
(16时55分13秒) Gallomimia: i'm assuming they should be. i'm asking if you guys think that's an accurate assesement
(16时55分29秒) Gallomimia: yes. i'm sure it won't happen by 3.3 just for example tho
(16时56分07秒) Gallomimia: 3.2 is already in beta. unless you get the localization separation done by the weekend you're unlikely to make it in time
(16时56分51秒) _ch_: kr: as I have done some reserch on the third part tools, How about start from the filter stuff? is it possible at present?
(16时57分24秒) kr: assuming that micros are bug fixes only (means, no new strings), it is an accurate assessment
(16时57分45秒) is_: gallomimia: I would expect, that micro changes (3.3.1, 3.3.2) do not require a new localization. But for an OOo 3.4 an (incompatible ) translation process can be necessary.
(16时57分53秒) kr: _ch_: you mean to add a cut?
(16时58分00秒) Gallomimia: micros being the 0.0.x updates
(16时58分12秒) Gallomimia: what's the word for 3.1--3.2 update?
(16时58分22秒) is_: minor
(16时58分27秒) Gallomimia: 2.4 -> 3.0 is major
(16时58分29秒) Gallomimia: got it
(16时58分55秒) _ch_: kr: yes. make them configurable .
(16时59分02秒) is_: gallomimia: exact :-)
(17时00分00秒) kr: _ch_: good thing - would about adding it to the tasks list, LiuTao can than add a configuration option to the build wizard?
(17时00分35秒) liutao: +1
(17时00分52秒) _ch_: kr: yes. but I am not sure if they have been configurable or not.  :)
(17时01分14秒) _ch_: kr: everything put in the todo list would be better . :)
(17时01分18秒) Gallomimia: Well. It was nice to meet you guys. I'm going to request a role as observer in your project until I can get a handle on all the work you're doing.
(17时02分05秒) _ch_: kr: everything -> I mean task(ongoing/done/...)  :)
(17时02分17秒) is_: gallomimia: And please do not hesitate to contact Ivo. He makes exactly the work, you are looking for.
(17时02分32秒) kr: gallomimia: you are welcome - there is currently not too much traffic on the lists, just join the IRC if you are interested, its on every Tuesday
(17时02分32秒) Gallomimia: hopefully I can be of some help to him
(17时02分49秒) Gallomimia: it's monday night for me. starting at midnight
(17时03分00秒) Gallomimia: which means you guys have been here for.... two hours?
(17时03分21秒) _ch_: Gallomimia: I have missed to say hi. :)
(17时03分31秒) liutao: Gallomimia: mid night?
(17时03分43秒) Gallomimia: 2am now
(17时04分08秒) kr: that must be west coast, right?
(17时04分11秒) is_: due to change of time some of us are here for two hours and others only for one
(17时04分28秒) Gallomimia: ooooh
(17时04分39秒) Gallomimia: yes. Vancouver Canada. we do not observe time change for another week
(17时05分06秒) Gallomimia: November first, gain an hour
(17时06分07秒) is_: So you can start at midnight ;-)
(17时06分10秒) liutao: OK, does anybody have something to discuss?or we will close the meeting?
(17时06分27秒) _ch_: kr: then I would like to get the filter list , do you have any suggestion on this?
(17时07分36秒) kr: _ch_: good question - do you already know which is the simplest one? e.g. some xslt?
(17时08分08秒) _ch_: kr: I have no idea.
(17时08分47秒) _ch_: kr: would you give me some hint?
(17时09分16秒) kr: _ch_: I would look for some simple filters, maybe one of the xslt based ones
(17时10分35秒) xiuzhi: _ch_:from xslt based ones could be a good start point
(17时11分24秒) _ch_: OK. I will have a try. :)
(17时12分41秒) _ch_: thank you . :)
(17时13分27秒) kr: you are welcome :)
(17时15分37秒) kr: anything else for today?
(17时15分51秒) _ch_: and I have no other questions, at present. :)
(17时17分08秒) xiuzhi: no from me
(17时17分10秒) kr: ok - than I would say let's talk again next week :)
(17时17分28秒) liutao: no
(17时17分31秒) liutao: bye
(17时17分44秒) kr: bye bye
(17时17分45秒) is_: good bye all
(17时17分54秒) xiuzhi: bye all
(17时18分17秒) _ch_: bye bye. :)
(17时21分04秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。
(17时21分09秒) xiuzhi 离开了聊天室。
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