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host doozer.poeml.de or openoffice.mirrorbrain.org
mirrorlist http://mirrordb.opensuse.org/index2.html

The tool is called "mb" and has several subcommands like "list", "show", "edit". Use "mb help <cmd>" on any subcommand to get usage info.

Here are some quick examples of things to do on the commandline:

  • mb help
  • mb list -c jp
  • mb list -a
  • mb list -d
  • mb list --disabled
  • mb help list
  • mb help
    • (see mb help list)
  • mb show ftp5
    • opens data in vim.
  • mb edit ftp5
    • statusBaseurl should not be edited, it is changed by monitoring.
  • shortcuts to editing
    • mb disable ftp5
    • mb enable ftp5
    • mb score ftp5 200
    • mb score ftp5 100
  • scanning
    • mb scan ftp5
    • mb scan -e
  • new mirror
    • mb new (see mb help new)
  • do check for file on server (bug: always shows 200(OK) for FTP servers)
    • mb probefile localized/ja/3.0.0/OOo_3.0.0_MacOSXIntel_install_ja.dmg
  • database lookup for a file:
    • mb file ls localized/ja/3.0.0/OOo_3.0.0_MacOSXIntel_install_ja.dmg
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