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== iTeam ==
== iTeam ==
# Mathias Bauer(lead)
# Mathias Bauer (lead)
# Mikhail (development)
# Mikhail (development)
# Uwe (documentation)
# Uwe (documentation)

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Mission Statement

Provide an extension to create and edit MediaWiki articles with OpenOffice.org


  1. Mathias Bauer (lead)
  2. Mikhail (development)
  3. Uwe (documentation)
  4. Éric (QA)
  5. Other roles: Mathias & Lutz (sponsor), Martin (PM)
  6. Role of User Experience is open
We use the mail alias mailto:dev@extensions.openoffice.org and try to maintain MediaWiki for the subject line
MediaWiki Extension/Meetings
Action Items
MediaWiki Extension/Action Items
Release Map
MediaWiki Extension/Release Map



All [MWEx] issues are here.

Target OOo 2.4

All [MWEx] issues for 2.4 are here.

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