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The following servers are available for downstream mirrors as a master mirror server.

As an end user please use our Download Central.

If you are providing downloads from your server, please read more about our Mirrors Project and let us know by sending a message to

Tier-1 / Category 1 / main set

The Tier-1 / Category 1 servers mentioned below carry the main data set and are accessible without prior registration. Access to the extended data set is described at the bottom of this page.

Goodie Domain Service - Vienna Univ. of Tech. (Europe)

SNT (Europe)

RWTH Aachen (Europe)

Universität Münster (Europe)

Planet Mirror (Australia)

Indiana University (Americas)

Universidade Federal do Paraná (South America)

Master servers for Tier-1 / Category 1 mirrors

The following servers should be used by Tier-1 / Category 1 mirrors only.

GWDG (sync'ed every 4 hours from StarDiv)

Servers for extended dataset

The following server can be used to mirror the extended dataset.

  • rsync://
  • (HTTP access is not guaranteed to work. If it sucks too much bandwith we will shut it down in favor of downstream servers rsyncing the data.)

Archive Servers

We also have archive servers for mirroring legacy and rarely-used content. See Archive Mirrors for futher information.

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