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OOo Marketing Project

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Beginning with 2010, the Marketing Project will host regular phone conference calls. They are meant as a chance to discuss important topics live on the phone and have to be understood as enhancement of our main marketing mailing list. A subscription to this list is not mandatory, but recommended to be informed about ongoing projects that will be discussed during the call.

Audio of the conference might be recorded and made available afterwards, either in written or recorded form. If you are not comfortable with that, please contact the call moderator in advance.


Although these calls are for internal discussions, calls are public and everyone can join. Confidential discussions are therefore to be avoided and can be coordinated via private mailing lists if needed.

Note to journalists and analysts

The calls are intended as internal communication for members of the marketing project. You are free to join, but be advised that no official statements will occur during the phone conferences. For interviews, articles and statements, please contact your local marketing representative or the marketing project leads.

The Marketing Project plans to have dedicated phone conferences for the press and analysts in the near future.

Dial-in instructions

The international landline numbers are available at the talkyoo home page. You can as well join via Skype, although this gateway is not always reliable - if it doesn't work, try using one of the regular phone numbers. The conference room number is 53 71 38 and the PIN for each conference will be made available on this page just in time.

In case of problems -- like the conference service being unavailable -- a note will be posted to our main marketing mailing list as well as on our IRC channel so please monitor one of them shortly before the call.

Collection of agenda items for upcoming calls

Feel free to add your agenda items for upcoming calls here and introduce them to the dev@marketing mailing list. Calls are planned to last not longer than 60 minutes.


  • optionally: 10th anniversary
  • optionally: Internship Program
  • optionally: proposing an Store


  • collection of international press contacts

Archives of previous calls

Will be made available shortly after each call in the Marketing Project Documents & Files section.

2010-01-25 17:00 UTC

play MP3 recording

  • background information on the ConfCalls
  • status updates
    • 3.2, localized press releases
    • OOoCon 2010 and (virtual?) OOoCon 2011
    • visual identity and branding meeting in Hamburg
    • updates on the MarCon contact page
    • removal of unneeded mailing lists
  • discussions
    • spending the marketing budget wisely
    • videos
    • future of the marketing blog


In order to become more "visible" for other participants, please feel free to link to your picture below, so we have an impression on how you look like.

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