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*OOoCon 2010  
*OOoCon 2010  
*10 year celebrations
*10 year celebrations
*MS-Office 2010
*MP Budget
*Making the best use of our MarCons

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OOo Marketing Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.



Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:



This page is to coordinate agenda items for the planned regularly marketing conference calls. Although these conference calls will be public, they are mostly for internal purposes and not for the press. We plan to host separate press marketing calls for externals soon.


Please feel free to add your action items and agenda points here.Every marketing confcall should last between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • OOoCon 2010
  • 10 year celebrations
  • MS-Office 2010
  • MP Budget
  • Making the best use of our MarCons
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