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(OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2009 (Orvieto,ITALY))
(OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2009 (Orvieto,ITALY))
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* [[OOoCon_2009_CFP|Call for Papers]]
* [[OOoCon_2009_CFP|Call for Papers]]
* [[OOoCon_2009_Keysigning|Keysigning event]]
== Previous Conferences ==
== Previous Conferences ==

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OOo Marketing Project

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before contributing.



Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


OpenOffice.org Conferences

The OOoCon page on the main website is http://marketing.openoffice.org/conference/

Future Conferences

OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2010 (Budapest,HUNGARY)

The OpenOffice.org Conference 2010 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in early September 2010. Other details can be found in the proposal: http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2009/cfl/budapest.html

OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2009 (Orvieto,ITALY)

The OpenOffice.org Conference 2009 will be held in Orvieto, Italy, from November 3rd to November 6th 2009. Other details can be found on the following pages: http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2009/

Previous Conferences

OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2008 (Beijing,CHINA)

The OpenOffice.org Conference 2008 was held in Beijing, China, from Wednesday 5th November to Friday 7th November. Other details can be found on the following pages: http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2008/

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