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** [[Documentation/DevGuide| Development Guide]]
** [[Documentation/DevGuide| Development Guide]]
* For Developers
* For Developers
** [[Documentation/Building_Guide| Building Guide]]
** [[Documentation/Building_Guide_AOO| Building Guide]]
**[[:Category:Build System|Build System]]   
** [[:Category:Build System|Build System]]   
**[[Architecture]] - Description of OOos software architecture.
** [[Architecture]] - Description of AOO's software architecture.

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This wiki is for all projects associated with Apache OpenOffice. It has a good focus on resources for developers. Also other projects work more and more on the wiki. Most are listed here.
Questions about the contents of this wiki are welcome here, but requests for user support will get better responses elsewhere: on the users mailing lists, or in the User Forum.


The main pages of the active Projects should be tagged the Category Projects to get listed here.

  • September 21, 2012 Please help us collect and rate ideas for OpenOffice 4.0
  • September, 2012 Apache OpenOffice given two Bossie Awards!
  • August, 2012 Release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1
  • more news...
Get latest released software
ODF and Integration of OpenOffice.org in your workflow
This section is partly outdated. Visit Apache OpenOffice for actual information.

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