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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current.

NOTE: The current build instructions are at: Mac OS X Build Instructions

Building OOo SRC680_m71 on Mac OS X

This post concerns Mac OS X build of SRC680_m71s1 (begining with m67). This can of course be used for next, but be carefull, cws containing changes included in the patches described in this document, are coming...

After completed a build I have entered everything what I have found for the following modules :

automation, berkeleydb, libxml2, cpputools, curl, forms, instsetoo_native, jvmfwk, libxmlsec, padmin, python, registry, sc, scp2, sdk_oo, sfx2, slideshow, solenv, soltools, svx, testtools, transex3, unoxml, vcl, xmlhelp,xmlsecurity. Unfortunaly, the list is not complete :-/

Every time :

- issue number is given ; - the log message (if existing) is given - necessary comments are given (help sometimes)

What are the changes, comparing with a "just cvs'ed" version ?

1) You *need* to use jre5issues cws in place of jvwfwk (but you have to apply the jvmfwk patches if the aren't)

The command (after export CVSROOT... and login, of course) cvs -z3 co SRC680_jre5issues jvmfwk

2) Others sources needed are :

-berkeleydb, now 4.2.52NC from 1.1.4 (3.2.9 initialy), so you have to co the good one

-libxml2 is now 2.6.11 (initialy 2.5.11 )

So you have to find the sources of berkeleydb-4.2 and libmxl2-2.6.11. For berkeleydb it's easy, because you just have to checkout the one from srx645_m52. For libxml2, you can download the needed sources from the original website :


I use this one : <> Note : for libxml2, you have to "sed" every 2.5.11 in 2.6.11. Same thing for the patch name (2.5.11 -> 2.6.11). After this, build is fine.

The config.parms :

--with-system-python --with-x --with-lang="fr de en-US" --with-ant-home=/Users/ericb/Desktop/ --with-jdk-home=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home --with-system-freetype --with-fontooo=yes --enable-gtk --with-fontooo=yes

Note : since "step1" posted on dev@porting, --with-system-libxml is no more required.

a)Not sure --with-fontooo=YES is correct. To be sure, I have put a supplementary line in Macosxenv.set :

setenv WITH_FONTOOO "YES" # be carefull : "YES" must be in uppercase and do a new "source Macosxenv.set" solves the non build of msfontextract.

b) --enable-gtk can be omitted at the begining, because very secondary here.

  • If* enable gtk, please read carefully #i34219# and the content of gtkfpicker2 on EIS.

For gtk, you need to export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib , after installation of :

gtk+2-dev pango1-xft2 pango1-xft2-dev pango1-xft2-shlibs atk1 atk1-dev

Not sure, but an environment variable has be changed in solenv/

Secondly the issues number * (a star) means "solved" :

  • cpputools #i37803# #i39942#
  • jvmfwk #i39912#
  • libxmlsec #i38417# #i37803# #i39913#
  • psprint #NOT AN ISSUE#
  • instsetoo_native #i39950#
  • automation #i39914#
  • padmin #i39927#
  • registry #i37919# Be carefull : don't use the proposed MacOSX patches
  • sc #i39928#
  • sfx2 #i38506#
  • sdk_oo #i39931# A better idea ?
  • slideshow #i39915#
  • soltools #i37728# I have lost a proably better patch from Kevin...asap, I'll try it
  • svx #i39933#
  • transex3 #i38161#
  • vcl #i38504#
  • xmlsecurity #i39957# #i39958#
  • bridge #i39935#
  • pyuno (in fact python problem) #i38130#
  • odk #i38602#
  • qadevOOo #i39937#
  • binfilter #i39952#
  • connectivity #NOT AN ISSUE, but I propose a patch (help yourself in case of problem)
  • desktop # NOT AN ISSUE depends on what you change in berkeleydb. Some supplementary patches are provided.
  • extensions #i39961# now the fixes are more clean
  • scp2/instsetoo_native #i39969# *updated*

About Python

Florian Heckl submitted a great patch, but I don't know if his JCA is accepted, so I just put this patch on my own website (I'll post specially for this on dev@porting). For now you can find the patch here :


Of course, a soon as Florian JCA is accepted, I (or Florian, of course), can propose the patch in #i38130# , in order to complete this issue.

moz #i39966#

About moz packages : I have my own packages (see following link), but you can use mozooo from srx645 <>

libdb-4.2 see #i38430# and #i37773#, and use>

I'm not absolutely sure it is complete (libdb_java wasn't correctly delivered if I correctly remember). Feel free to complete.


  • forms #i39965# issue number just in case, because this was corrected in SRC680_m70 )
  • curl #i38520# #i27575# corrected since curl-7.2.12 is used

  • Everything* : patches + IZ number (as file name) is in an archive that you can find here :


-- Main.MartinHollmichel - 18 Mar 2005

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