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Master Workspace (MWS)

This is the development branch that finally becomes a release version. From this codeline all Childworkspaces are branched off. The main development codeline is currently SRC680. When ramping up for a release we create a CVS branch (usually named something like OO?680mX where ? is any letter from A to Z and X is some milestone number). At the time of writing the Release MWS is named OOF680m13 which most likely will become 2.2.

Physically the MWS corresponds to the trunk of a main CVS branch. If you download a developer snapshot or a release from these builds are always created from the MWS.

The idea behind MWS/CWSis that no development is done on the MWS. Instead all work is performed on a copy of the MWS, this copy then is referred to as a CWS. Only if the CWS is at least as good as the MWS (it may contain no regressions and newly introduced features must be fully operational) it will be merged (integrated) back into the MWS. Ideally this would mean that the MWS can be released at any time as a fully working drop. However, this only works in theory. Still the concept of MWS/CWS greatly reduces the number of new issues introduced in the MWS.

When a CWS is created for a release MWS another CWS has to be opened for the main codeline. This is to ensure that all fixes for the upcoming release are put into the development branch as well.

--Skotti 11:18, 20 March 2007 (CET)

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