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This page is dedicated to the work on tools needed for the L10n process, including assurance quality of the localization.

Glossary and Terminlogy

Some teams were using SunGloss to maintain their glossary. SunGloss is now deprecated and the glossaries has been transfered to OpenCTI, but no OpenOffice.org project exists here.

Some teams are using the terminology tool provided by Pootle.

Here are the requirements provided by the community about the functions needed for that tool

  • easily manage export and import of standard formats (TBX), to allow to work offline
  • offline consultation and management
  • accessible and open source
  • the ability to add comments to a word and the source of it (as in SunGloss), to add links to other sources
  • the ability to search in several languages (as in SunGloss)
  • a date and history of the word entry
  • a seamless integration with translation tools


TCM is used by more and more teams to test the general quality of their build and the localization of the new functionalities. The site is not maintained or developed any more.

link to tcm wishes

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