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Here are the features and enhancements, which were integrated in OOo 3.1. All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since DEV300m29 - build ID 9339 - to DEV300mX. This list is more technically orientated and isn't a release note for OOo 3.1. This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

What's new ?

Component : Chart

Component : Drawing

  • 28526 : Allow anti-aliasing of drawing objects

  • 89661 : Giving text objects a discernible selection border
    • Description : Text objects are extremely hard to move with the mouse, as a four-pixel wideinvisible line has to be hit - even harder, when they are rotated. Based on a patch provided by THB which needed quite some tweaks, text objects from DrawingLayer now use the same hatched border as during edit mode. This also expands the hit area for selecting a text object. Thus, two goals are targeted here for software ergonomy:(a) Text objects are more easy discernible (b) Text objects are easier to be hit (select or activate text edit) Due to the relative small change, no extra specification exists. A link to the detailed task description is added.

  • 95646 : Unify DrawObject modification with full attributes
    • Description : Unify DrawObject modification with full attributes. Interaction with DrawObjects will now show enhanced interaction visualisation to provide an ergonomically better feedback for the user. Instead of wireframe visualisation there will now be shown a transparent interaction preview on top of the current display whenever possible. This will be the defualt from now. This will work in all Applications using Drawing Objects from the DrawingLayer. This is done for Obejct Creation and for all Object Modifications (Move, scale, shear, mirror, distort, etc...). Example A: When changing an AutoShape (e.g. an Arrow) by moving the yellow control handle, there will now be a direct preview of the result during the Interaction showing the changing shape. Example B: When resizing a text box, the re-layouting of the contained text can be watched and used to reach a wanted result in one interaction. Example C: Moving an Object which is connected to others with connectors will now re-layout all relevant objects during the interaction (on the fly) to give a precise preview of the result. Nearly all interactions where this is useful are adapted to be more intuitive, so it will be best to play around with the new feature. There is a configuration option to switch this feature off. For HighContrast mode, this fallback to wireframe is taken automatically. For Draw/Impress, this feature can be switched on and off using a button tn the Options toolbar. For a more detailed list of modes and combinations, please refer to the specification.

Component : Database Access (Base)

  • 38215 : Image in image control should be embedded
    • Description : Image controls can now be bound to images which are embedded in the document where the control lives in. More precise, when you select an image to be displayed at an image control, the "Link" option in the file picker is not disabled anymore. When you uncheck the option (the default is "checked", to mimic the legacy behavior), then the image is displayed in the control, and upon saving the document, it's embedded in the document itself. This way, you can create documents with image controls which are exchangeable with other people/installations/platforms, which formerly was much more difficult due to the need to also copy the images, and place them in exactly the same location as on the originating machine(which often is simply impossible).

  • 41897 : [RFE] store URLs of file-based databases relatively
    • Description : At the moment, when you create a file-based database (such as dBase or Spreadsheet), the URL to the files (let's call it the "data URL") is stored in an absolute manner - that is, something like "file:///c:/foo/bar". As a result, when you move the database document (the .odb file), together with the underlying data, to another machine, you need to either duplicate the file structure on this target machine, or to adjust the settings for the database.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=234
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31e integrated in DEV300m37

  • 44447 : Relationships window not detecting changes to tables made in another window
    • Description : The relation design now detects when a new table will be added and also when new columns will be added. The "Add Table" dialog also gets notified when a new table was added.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=228
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31b integrated in DEV300m33

  • 51517 : AutoValue are always made primary keys
    • Description : This is specific for hsqldb only. When the user adds a auto increment column this one gets automatically the primary key of the table. When the user after wards removes the primary key flag, then the auto-increment flag will also be removed. Hsqldb only supports one auto increment column which then must also be the only primary key column.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=229
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31b integrated in DEV300m33

  • 66628 : [RFE] forms should have a possibility to selectively reload list boxes
    • Description : In the form navigation toolbar (the one used as soon as you have an alive form filled from a database), there's a new item, called "Refresh Control", located right after the "Refresh" item. This new item is enabled if and only if a list or combo box control has the focus. When pressed, the item list of the control is refreshed. This is particular interesting for lists based on the content of a table (or query) of the database, when some instance outside the form did changes to this table/query's data. In this case, you can reflect those changes in the control's item list by using the "Refresh Control" function. The change is effective when CWS dba31a is integrated, which will be somewhere on the track to OOo 3.1.

  • 80200 : RPT: Make it possible to mark only textboxes

  • 81899 : Allow system-wide configuration of JDBC classes
    • Description : There's a new setting in the org.openoffice.Office.DataAccess configuration module which allows to specify, on a per-driver basis, a classpath to use when searching for a JDBC driver.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=225
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31a integrated in DEV300m30

  • 81028 : Query designer does not recognize abbreviated syntax for TRIM command

  • 87192 : Opening a view 'Edit in SQL view' should set 'Escape processing' to false
    • Description : When you open an table view for editing its constituting SQL command (which is a feature currently supported for embedded HSQLDB only), then the query editor is automatically put into the "Run SQL command directly" mode.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=237
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31e integrated in DEV300m37

  • 89456 : Relationships tool should allow the creation self referencing relations

  • 90403 : Textbox controls ignore "Empty string is NULL" property when field is required
    • Description : In the course of fixing issue 90403 and issue 92471, the behavior of form controls whose "Empty string is NULL" property is set to "Yes" has been refined. This change might make existing forms behave slightly different than before, but certainly more expectation-conformant now. First, the property is now also respected when you never touched the respective control before saving the record. That is, imagine a control which has this property set to "Yes", this way declaring that if the control contains an empty string, then this should be propagated to the database as (the dedicated) NULL value. Formerly, when you moved to the insertion row of the form, so the control was initially empty, entered some data into other controls of the current record, and saved the record without actually touching the first control, then it actually updated an empty string. Now, with the change, it updates NULL, as this is what "Empty String is NULL" = "Yes" requests. Second, when a control was bound to a database column which was declared as NOT NULL, then the control *always* updated an empty string instead of NULL, no matter what its "Empty string is NULL" property requested. Effectively, this killed server-side defaults of database fields, as such defaults are only applied when the field is NULL. Now, with the change, controls always update NULL in such a setup, this way enabling server-side defaults.

  • 91208 : parameters not recognized in function argument list
    • Description : With the integration of CWS dba31a, OOo's parser will have the ability to recognize parameters in function argument lists. That is, a query like SELECT CONCAT( :C, "name" ) FROM "name" will now, when executed, properly present the dialog asking the user for parameter value input.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=226
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31a integrated in DEV300m30

  • 91223 : RFE: allow (yet) more convenient access in (Basic) code to open a form/report
    • Description : (Strictly, this is an "API client feature announcement", but we don't have a features@api.openoffice.org, do we?) Programmatic access to forms/reports contained in database documents is (with the integration of CWS dba31a) easier than ever before: ThisDatabaseDocument.FormComponents.getByName( "form name" ).open will open the form "form name" in the very same way a double-click onto the form in the document UI would do, i.e. doing all the proper knittings to the document UI.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=227
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31a integrated in DEV300m30

  • 91310 : Linking of images in image controls, rather than embedding them into the database
    • Description : Image controls in database forms can now be bound to text columns. Formerly, you could only bind them to columns whose content could reasonably be interpreted as binary (BLOB etc.). Now, when you select a text database column as source for the image control, then it will interpret the content of the respective column's content as URL, and load and display the image pointed to by this URL. Also, the URL might be relative to the document which the image control is embedded into.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=240
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31e integrated in DEV300m37

  • 92322 : FormsCheckRequiredFields should be available on a per field basis
    • Description : All form controls which can be bound to a database column (i.e. have the "Data field" property) now have a new property called "Input required". Description →This property controls whether or not the input of this field ischecked against being empty (NULL). It is evaluated for controls which are bound to a database field which is defined as required (i.e. which is not allowed to contain the special NULL value), immediately before the current record of the form is to be written into the database. If the property is set to "Yes", and the field contains no input when the current record is to be written to the database, then an error message will be shown to the user, and the respective control will be focused afterwards. Note that this is the known behaviour so far - the property defaults to "Yes" so that newly created controls behave as they would do in previous OOo versions. If the property is set to "No", and the field contains no input when the current record is to be written to the database, then this is ignored. It's up to the underlying database to either reject the update, or fill the respective column with a server-side default value. Functional Constraints→ If the "Form data input checks for required fields" option in the advanced settings of the database document (Edit / Database / Advanced Settings ...) is *not* checked, then the "Input required" property for all controls in all forms in this database document does not have any effect, since the document-wide setting overrules the per-control settings. UI→ In the property browser, the "Input required" is located immediately below the "Empty string is NULL" property, if it is present, otherwise immediately below the "Data field" property. If the "Data field" is not set (i.e. empty), then "Input required" is disabled, since it would be evaluated for bound controls only, anyway. If the "Empty string is NULL" is set to "No", then "Input required" is also disabled, since "Empty string is NULL" being "no" implies that when the user does not enter any value in the control, then an empty string, instead of the dedicated value NULL, is written, so there's always a non-NULL value no matter the user's action.

  • 93264 : allow images in image controls to keep their aspect ratio when scaled
    • Description : Image form controls in documents got an additional mode for scaling the image they display. Previously, you could control the scaling by setting the "Scale" property to "Yes" or "No" only, where "Yes" implied an anisotropic scaling, i.e. one which distorted the image's dimensions. Now, the "Scale" property allows the values "No" (same as before), "Keep Ratio" and "Fit to Size" (equivalent to the old "Yes"). When "Keep Ratio" is selected, the image is still scaled up or down to match the control dimensions, but it's ratio is aspect kept constant. This is especially useful for controls where the designer of the document does not know, at time of designing the document/control, the dimensions of the to-be-displayed images. In particular, this is useful for image controls in database forms, displaying images obtained from the database.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=238
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31e integrated in DEV300m37

  • 93457 : allow a "Tristate" property for check box grid columns, and set it to "No" upon creating a check box for a required field
    • Description : Check box columns in grid controls now have the "Tristate" property, which controls whether or not the "indetermined" state is allowed for the check box, as known from ordinary check box form controls.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=235
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31e integrated in DEV300m37

  • 94535 : Use the same function auto pilot from Calc

  • 96428 : RPT: opening a new report design should automatically bind the report to the first table in the database
    • Description : When creating a new report in a database, the report will be bound to the first table from the database. Additional the Add Field dialog will open with all available fields.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=243
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31f integrated in DEV300m38

  • 96434 : RPT: "Report Output Format" should appear in the property browser (too?)
    • Description : The property browser now shows the selected output format for a report on teh data page when it is selected in the SRB. Currently available formats are - Text document - Spreadsheet document
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=245
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31f integrated in DEV300m38

  • 96520 : RPT: "Add Field" window should have an "Insert" button at the bottom
    • Description : The Add Field dialog now has a toolbar above the listbox for the fields. The toolbar allows to sort the fields ascending and descending as well to remove the sort order and restore origin order from the source (table,query). Additional the toolbar contains an "Insert" entry which allows to insert the selected fields into a report section. Multiselection of fields is also supported.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=244
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31f integrated in DEV300m38

Component : Framework

  • 95528 : Let OOo use lock file mechanics for alien formats as well.
    • Description : As practice has shown, it is a quite common case that OOo is used to edit documents of alien formats on network. Unfortunately it looks to be impossible to let the file be locked using file system locking, since it does not work in heterogeneous file systems as expected, and the mentioned scenario has been recognized as very important one. Thus the locking mechanics of OOo is not recognizable for third-party applications, except they implement support for OOo locking mechanics.
    • Feature Announcement : http://framework.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=287
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : fwk94_DEV300 integrated in DEV300m36

  • 95809 : Data loss using OOo3 concurrently with another editor (including OOo2) on the same network
    • Description : The practice has shown that in most cases it is necessary to use system file locking to prevent information loss if third-party applications or an old OOo versions are used in the same network. >From other side the system file locking behaves itself inconsistently sometimes in case of heterogeneous networks. That makes using of system file locking problematic in this case. With the new implementation OOo will use system file locking in addition to the own file locking by default. The new configuration entry "/org.openoffice.office.Common/Misc/UseDocumentSystemFileLocking" allows to turn the usage of system file locking off. In this case pure OOo file locking is used. Additionally the UI around system file locking was improved. Please see the specification for details.

Component : Graphic System Layer (GSL)

  • 69923 : Inconsistent behavior in PDF-export, impractical solution
    • Description : The security tabpage of the PDF export dialog will be slightly changed. The two check boxes "Encrypt the PDF document" and "Restrict permissions" will be replaced by a FixedText each showing the current status (Encrypted/Not Encrypted, resp. Restricted/Not Restricted). Encryption and Restrictions are now enabled by setting the respective password and disabled if that password is set to empty. Setting the permission password only will force the open password to be the same and thereby enable encryption as a restricted but non encrypted PDF file is pointless.
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://specs.openoffice.org/appwide/pdf_export/PDFExportDialog2.odt
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : vcl92 integrated in DEV300m33

Component : Localization (L10N)

  • 75365 : Missing locale mt-MT (Maltese Malta)

  • 83349 : Patch to Add Myanmar locale support

  • 86084 : add support for a new locale shs_CA (Shuswap)

  • 90867 : [AR] Missing Arabic language entries
    • Description : Added new Arabic locales to the language list box, selectable for character attribution and spell-checking. Arabic (Chad) [ar-TD] Arabic (Comoros) [ar-KM]Arabic (Djibouti) [ar-DJ] Arabic (Eritrea) [ar-ER] Arabic (Israel) [ar-IL] Arabic (Mauritania) [ar-MR] Arabic (Palestine) [ar-PS]Arabic (Somalia) [ar-SO] Arabic (Sudan) [ar-SD]

  • 93694 : Add "Arabic" to language list box
    • Description : The language table and list box now have an "Arabic" entry (without region/country) that does not correspond to a locale. It is not offered for language attribution et al, but is selectable if an Arabic language pack is installed, instead of the previous "Arabic (Egypt)".
    • Feature Announcement : http://l10n.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=144
    • CWS : locales31 integrated in DEV300m39

  • 95852 : Locale data for Tok Pisin
    • Description : Added locale data for Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) [tpi-PG]. The locale is selectable for character attribution and spell-checking, as default locale, default document language and available for number formats and outline numbering.
    • Feature Announcement : http://l10n.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=142
    • CWS : locales31 integrated in DEV300m39

Component : Presentation

Component : Quality Assurance - VCLTestTool - (qa)

  • 86540 : testtool: provide function trigger in cases testtool starts OOo on his own after a crash
    • Description : In case VCL TestTool recognizes no soffice.bin to communicate to, it tries to call the function 'StartTheOffice'. If this function does not exist, it starts soffice.bin on its own. The functions 'StartTheOffice' purpose is to start soffice.bin and perform the minimal action needed to use it for automation tests. Which would be the execution of Start sAppExe, sParameter (this was formerly done by testtool) The current only known additional action is for MacOS X: disable the quickstart/startcenter functionality: call hDisableQuickstarterAPI. For the changes to take effect a new testtool.bin is needed. Changes to test environment in modul testautomation work also with an old testtool.bin. Changes to testautomation: Global gStartTheOffice as boolean '///+ gStartTheOffice => indicates an alternative startroutine is run in testautomation/global/system/includes/gvariabl.inc sub StartTheOffice warnlog "OpenOffice.org application crashed or can not be started. Double click the above error message if exists for the culprint." 「sStartUpOffice() catchGPF false hDisableQuickstarterAPI() gStartTheOffice = TRUE end sub 」in testautomation/global/system/includes/master.inc

Component : Spreadsheet (SC - Calc)

Component : Word Processing (SW - Writer)

  • 22396 : Can't Use both Hindi and Arabic Numerals
    • Description : Digits used in Arabic text ("Hindi digits") are different from digits in Western text ("Arabic digits"). Since some of the IMEs (Input Method Editor) do not deliver the correct Hindi digits but the common Arabic digits, a configuration setting has been implemented for OpenOffice.org 1.2 that allows the user to switch the digits that are shown in the document. This setting used to have three different states: "all digits Hindi", "all digits Arabic", and "all digits depending on the system locale". This feature was lacking a mode that chooses the correct digits based on the context of the digits: Hindi digits in an Arabic context, Arabic digits in any other context.
    • Feature Announcement : http://sw.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=297
    • Specification : http://specs.openoffice.org/appwide/ctl/TextNumeralsContextMode-Spec.odt
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : kashidafix integrated in DEV300m36

  • 48161 : The label of the Administrate button in Templates: Address Book Assignment has to be changed
    • Description : In the "Templates: Address Book Assignment" dialog, (File / Templates / Address Book Source), the button label "Administrate" has been changed to "Configure", to better reflect that the button starts a wizard which helps configuring the address book data source.
    • Feature Announcement : http://sw.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=295
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba31a integrated in DEV300m30

  • 64127 : Changes in menu 'Format'
    • Description : The menu 'Format - Frame...' is used for frames and objects, therefore it is renamed to 'Format - Frame/Object...'. 2. The menu 'Format - Object' is used for drawing objects. Therefore it is renamed to 'drawing objects'
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MinorMenuAdjustments
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : menuchanges integrated in DEV300m39

  • 87347 : Inconsistent terms: Autoformat - Autocorrect
    • Description : The function 'AutoFormat' in menu Format changes the document according to the settings made in menu Tools-AutoCorrect.... It's confusing to have two terms for the same function as there is another 'AutoFormat' in the menu Table. Therefore, AutoFormat in menu Format is renamed to AutoCorrect.
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MinorMenuAdjustments
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : menuchanges integrated in DEV300m39

  • 89315 : Please add "Navigator" to the view menu
    • Description : To make the main menu more consistent and easier to use for new users, menu entry Navigator was moved to a more appropriate location in view menu; Attention: calc, draw and impress affected as well
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MinorMenuAdjustments
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : menuchanges integrated in DEV300m39

  • 94551 : Tools-AutoCorrect: Rename to "AutoCorrect Options" and move down

  • 94633 : Footnotes... should be renamed to Footnotes/Endnotes...
    • Description : The dialog footnotes configures footnotes and endnotes, the menu item was changed to show this. The title of the modal dialog was also changed to show the correct behavior accordingly.
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MinorMenuAdjustments
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : menuchanges integrated in DEV300m39

CWS with changes UI and/or online help

Here are all Child Work Spaces [CWS] are listed which are integrated since DEV300m30 and which are relevant for UI changes, Feature integration, changes in Online Help or for translation :

ab65 in DEV300m38 : Support full text search in extension help
aw058 in DEV300m36 : BugFixing CWS for DEV300
aw059 in DEV300m39 : UI and InterAction (IA) changes for DrawingLayer for 3.1
calc47 in DEV300m38 : General Calc implementation and fixes for OOo3.1
chart22 in DEV300m29 : Plotting of missing values
dba31a in DEV300m30 : Ongong bug fixing for OOo 3.1
dba31b in DEV300m33 :
dba31e in DEV300m37 : Further dba issue fixing
dba31f in DEV300m38 : Further bugfixing
doccustomproperties2 in DEV300m29 : New document properties page: custom properties page replaces user defined page
dr63 in DEV300m33 : Calc 3.1 fixes
extmgrui06 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for extension manager
frmdlg in DEV300m39 : Extract of the formula editor from calc into a new module formula
fwk92 in DEV300m38 : Framework fixes for OOo3.1
fwk98 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for 3.1
gh15 in DEV300m30 : testtool bugs and features 2008
hcshared19 in DEV300m37 : Help CWS for 3.1
iconupdate310 in DEV300m39 : Icon-Bugfixes for OOo 3.1
impress147 in DEV300m39 : Misc Impress improvements
impressfontsize in DEV300m38 : implement font grow and shrink toolbar buttons in impress
kashidafix in DEV300m39 : Fixes various Arabic related issues.
locales31 in DEV300m39 : New locales and locale data for OOo3.1
macmenusquit in DEV300m39 : This cws aims to remove the useless Quit, About and Options entries in the menus, on Mac OS X Aqua only
mav43 in DEV300m39 : New file locking implementation
menuchanges in DEV300m39 : some main menu changes to improve uniformity
mooxlsc in DEV300m38 : Make the Calc formula compiler support some extra bits in the MOOXML Excel import.
native216 in DEV300m39 : Adding new bundled extension to OOo 3.1
notes7 in DEV300m39 : writer notes implementation and fixes for 3.1
odff05 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of new spreadsheet functions and behavior for ODFF compliance.
os117 in DEV300m33 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os120 in DEV300m35 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os121 in DEV300m38 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os123 in DEV300m39 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
outlinelevel in DEV300m39 : Introduce a new paragraph and paragraph style attribute, named “outline level”, to transform a normal paragraph directly ...
overline3 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of overline
rtlchart01 in DEV300m37 : bi-directional writing for charts
rtlchart02 in DEV300m38 : Axis Positioning in Charts
rtlcontrols in DEV300m38 : RTL Controls
sqlsyntaxhighlighting in DEV300m37 : SQL syntax highlighting for base
sysui36 in DEV300m38 : sysui 3.1 task
tl56_DEV300 in DEV300m38 : Ongoing implementation of grammar checking framework
vcl92 in DEV300m33 : 3.1 issues
vcl97 in DEV300m39 : assorted 3.1 fixes

Links to Features and Enhancements for OOo 3.1

Link to all feature issues which are integrated in OOo 3.1 only - currently 28 issues
Link to all enhancement issues which are integrated in OOo 3.1 only - currently 110 issues

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