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** please reopen the issue and provide exact details on how to reproduce the problem
** please reopen the issue and provide exact details on how to reproduce the problem
=== この課題を直してあるマイルストーン・リリースは、どれなのか? ===
=== 直した課題が含まれるマイルストーン・リリースは、どれなのか? ===
* この [[EIS|EIS ツール]] でCWSの詳細を知ることができる。また、当該 [http://eis.services.openoffice.org/EIS2/cws.InfoForTask EISエントリー]は、課題番号を入力することで得ることができる。
* この [[EIS|EIS ツール]] でCWSの詳細を知ることができる。また、当該 [http://eis.services.openoffice.org/EIS2/cws.InfoForTask EISエントリー]は、課題番号を入力することで得ることができる。
* 解決済みの課題のクロージングコメントには、マイルストーンについての言及があるはずである。
* 解決済みの課題のクロージングコメントには、マイルストーンについての言及があるはずである。

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A concept called ChildWorkSpaces (CWS) is used to organize changes to OpenOffice.org into smaller and independent units.

This page is intended as a first overview for end users. The wiki page "CWS" provides many more details for advanced contributors.


OpenOffice.org's code base may be changed as a result of Issues, which can be classified as defect reports, enhancement requests or feature requests. Issues are managed in a tool called issuezilla.

Related issues get grouped together and are assigned to a ChildWorkSpace. The resulting code change consists of bug fixes, enhancements and feature implementations that correspond to the list of issues registered for that CWS.

ChildWorkSpaces are managed in a tool called Environment Information System (EIS): It has all the details about each CWS, e.g. the list of tasks assigned to it, its release target, the first milestone release where it has been integrated, various testing results and the list of code changes.


The relationship between an issue, a CWS and a release is described in this simplified process flow:

  1. someone finds a problem or has an enhancement idea
  2. the problem or the idea shouldn't be known in issuezilla yet
  3. a new issue is submitted
  4. the issue is confirmed/tested by testers and/or developers
  5. the issue is marked as "confirmed"
  6. development accepts an issue by marking it as "new"
  7. development creates a ChildWorkSpace
  8. development assigns some issues to the CWS's task list
  9. development solves the issue and tests the solution
  10. development commits the code changes into the CWS's code base
  11. development marks the issue as "fixed"
  12. development checks that the whole CWS works as expected
  13. development changes the CWS status to "Ready for QA"
  14. development reassigns the issues to testing
  15. testing checks for regressions and that the issues are solved
  16. tested issues are marked as "verified"
  17. testing changes the ChildWorkSpace status to "Approved by QA"
  18. the CWS gets nominated either by "program management" or by testing (depending on the release status of the MWS)
  19. "release engineering" integrates the code changes into the a milestone release
  20. the CWS status is changed to "Integrated"
  21. the milestone containing some CWSes is released
  22. testing checks the issues again on the released version
  23. testing marks the issues as "closed"

FAQ (よくある質問)

The issue is marked as fixed, but the latest milestone still has the problem. Why?

  • if the issue is just marked as FIXED but not CLOSED, then this probably means that the latest milestone doesn't contain the fix yet. Please read the process flow section to understand that
    • the list of all the issues in the CWS has to be solved
    • the fixes have to be verified
    • the CWS must be integrated
    • the milestone has to be released
  • if the issue is marked as closed and fixed but the milestone mentioned in the closing comment still has the bug then
    • please reopen the issue and provide exact details on how to reproduce the problem


  • この EIS ツール でCWSの詳細を知ることができる。また、当該 EISエントリーは、課題番号を入力することで得ることができる。
  • 解決済みの課題のクロージングコメントには、マイルストーンについての言及があるはずである。
  • マイルストーンのリリースノートには、解決した課題の詳細なリストが含まれている。

訳注:issueを課題と訳しましたが、問題点というのも捨てがたい気がしています。 ところで、problemというのは、困ることですが、解決すべきかどうかという意味は入っていません。解決すべき問題とか皆で議論するべきことがissue です。会議をしている時であれば、議題と訳せる場合があります。

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