Inserting special characters

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A "special" character is one not found on the keyboard in front of the user. For example, © ¾ æ ç ñ ö ø ¢ are all special characters to those with US or UK keyboards. To insert a special character:

  1. Place the cursor where you want the character to appear.
  2. Click Insert > Special Character to open the Special Characters window (Figure 7).
  3. Select the characters you wish to insert, in order, then click OK. The selected characters are shown in the lower left of the dialog. As you select a character, it is shown on the lower right, along with its numerical code.
Documentation note.png Different fonts include different special characters. If you do not find a particular special character, try changing the Font selection.
The Special Characters window.
Tip.png Notice that the characters selected appear in the bottom-left corner of the window.
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