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m ([http://contributing.openoffice.org/ contributing.openoffice.org])
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==== ToDos ====
==== ToDos ====
* change global navigation: "Contributing" to "Participate"
* change global navigation: "Contributing" to "Participate"
* add UX to http://contributing.openoffice.org/index.html
=== [http://development.openoffice.org/ development.openoffice.org] ===
=== [http://development.openoffice.org/ development.openoffice.org] ===

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Defect Categories

Total absence of necessary Information
Pages which contain no, too less, or unrelated Information with regard to the topic. Information which is related to the topic but is insufficient or too vague to explain the topic is considered of being also in this defect category
Outdated Information
Pages which contain information that does not apply anymore to the current state of the topic, but only to an old version or status.
Up-to-date but not open accessible Information
Pages which contain Information that is relevant to the community but not accessible by all community members (e.g. contributors) and participants (e.g. Users)
Redundant Information
Pages which hold the same contents in OOo web site and OO wiki. This type of Information is doublicate and has to be held in sync in order to produce no Information defect of the type "outdated"
Outdated and not open accessible Information
Pages which contain information that does not apply anymore to the current state of the topic, but only to an old version or status and is not accessible to the community. The owner should re-evauate if this information is to be updated and transferred to open accessible infrastructure, to archive, or to delete.

OOo Website

Matthias has started to create a Information Architecture (IA) -oriented site map:

  1. OOo Website Structure

His initial findings of inconsistencies, looking at it from an UX perspective are:

  • the header is different for home and project pages: the search function is top right, respectively integrated into the leftnav
  • the home page has no user account feature
  • the left navbar is optional, ie. some projects have removed this area o esp. Support has no left navbar, which offers Search, Sitemap, FAQ, Get Help?
  • logout leads to the login/register page. By doing this it changes the context entirely.
  • <ironic> do not visit the support page if you need support </ironic> It is a textual mess.

OOo Projects by Members

  1. OOo Projects by Members
    1. TreeMap Visualization and Comments

Looking at OOo from different perspectives

There are several user types we need to care about. Each one with own experience, background, and requirements. How can we find and close the gaps to smooth their experience on OOo Some thoughts about the different perspectives by MMP:

OOo Website User Groups


  • Heading Structure: start with H1 instead of H2
  • Replaece "Contributing" with "Participating"
  • Replace home link "Return to Start" with "Participating in OpenOffice.org"
  • Fill out alt attribute for images
  • reorder matrix of contributing areas
  • clean page titles to "Participating in OpenOffice.org"




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