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Music Database
(individual project start: 25 May 2009 for 3 months)

2-3 person groups (organizes themselves) – GL arrange and support the group
all rights of this project work or other outcomes belongs to OpenOffice.org
get help and info were you want

start basics:
1. site: give the group a name and create a wiki site (like the calling cards)
2. work diary: on this site write a weekly (at the end of every week, means sunday) progress of the week (in few pregnant words)
3. monthly resumee: after four weeks write a small resumee (approx. 1000 words) and present your work

Project discription: Create a musik database (for handling musik files, cover, info etc.) with a form frontend (ui) by using the OOo internal HSQL db.

1 month: orientation, ideas, concept, design, Spec (itterative)
2 month: realisation (must be ready inside this month)
3 month: TCS and Documentation (2 weeks), QA a foreign project and write a buglist (1 week), bugfixing with buglist (1 week)
! afterwards a jury of sun experts (qa, ux, dev) and the OOo community will have a look at the results and comment them.

tip1: ask the base community for ideas, tips, hints etc. on mailing lists users@dba.openoffice.org & dev@dba.openoffice.org (dba mailing lists)
tip2: for info try the OpenOffice.org help or the (dba qa sites)

p.s. everyone who wants to test software, also must know how to develope software and the steps between .. in this individual project you can try this out and learn from the process .. you have to handle new software, information overflow, groupwork, timframes, community, technical problems etc..
p.p.s. the best project get the chance to be integrated into the OOo version as a sample document and will be available then for over 100.000.000 OpenOffice.org user worldwide! You can also use your project as a worksample for your future job application ;)

Have fun!
Bye Chris

Autor: Christoph Lukasiak (Clu) 19 May 2009
Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author, the Database Docu Coordinator or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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