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List of patches applied to OOo's ICU module (currently ICU v4.0.1 for OOo >= 3.2) and bugs and patches submitted to ICU trac, the ICU bug tracking system.

If you really have to apply a patch to ICU to make things work, please submit that patch to ICU trac, so the next version of ICU will include the changes, and list your patch with ICU trac ID here. We strive for being able to build against an unpatched ICU, so that configure --with-system-icu will be possible without losing functionality.

reverted upstream changeset for tracker ticket 6249

An upstream change (for ICU's tracker ticket 6249) introduced a regression (OOo issue 99241). Reverting that upstream change (ICU's changeset 24041) solves the problem. Updated ICU ticket 6249 accordingly.

add RPATH for URE

The patch changes RPATH from $ORIGIN to $ORIGIN:$ORIGIN/../ure-link/lib because libicu*.so are linked against and that are distributed with the new layered UNO Runtime Environment (URE). This to ensure that the libraries are found there in case they are not already loaded.

However, one could argue that the libraries are already loaded when ICU is pulled in, which almost certainly is the case for libstdc++, and probably also for the libgcc_s GCC support library, but that for some machine models may contain some rarely used symbols such that it wasn't loaded but ICU needs it. This is very unlikely though, but you never know..

Anyway, the patch certainly is nothing to upstream, hence no ICU trac ID.

We'll keep thinking about another solution.

OOo developer: Stephan Bergmann <sb>

MinGW platform

Patch to be able to build ICU on the Minimalist GNU for Windows platform.
See icu_4_0_icu_mingw.patch attached to Issue 96100 .
Introduced with CWS mingwport16   for OOo3.1

OOo port maintainer: Takashi Ono <tono>

Filed with ICU as

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