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Jump to: navigation, search Wiki pages can be placed under review control.

To enable Page Validation you must have rights on the wiki to Protect page content.

  1. Click the Protect tab
  2. Click on the configured link
  3. Set the validation options for the page
  4. Click Confirm to apply the changes
  5. If you set the page to show the Stable revision, then you may be required to review and validate the Wiki page.

Once the page is validated and marked as stable, a small icon will be shown in the top right of the page indicating that the page is quality checked. Any subsequent changes made to that page will need to be reviewed before they will be shown.

You can remove this restriction by going back to the Protect page and setting the page to show "The Current version". The Quality icon will be removed, and you will always see the latest version of the Wiki page.

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