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=== Notes ===
=== Notes ===
# Patchsets missing (-[[User:Jsi|Jsi]] 16:29, 14 March 2007 (CET))
# Patchsets missing (-[[User:Jsi|Jsi]] 16:29, 14 March 2007 (CET))
# Framework troubles
## Some references are missing and could not be produced during the given timeframe
## A few tests (we were using HEAD for this CWS) were changed to uncover some older issues. This results in failing tests that would otherwise have worked ok
## Due to some problems with the tooling (Work in progress) a few tests show up that will not run on a m195
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]

Revision as of 09:41, 23 March 2007

Test Plan for Child Workspace SRC680/hedaburemove01

In this CWS the macro SOLAR_PRIVATE in delivered headers is removed. Because of that the symbols, that have been seen only in their modules, are now visible everywhere. Sideeffects are not clear. Automated tests have been requested by Release Engineering department.


  • CWS Owner VG
  • CWS QA Rep. JSI
  • CWS is based on SRC680m195, so CVS HEAD should be used
  • Full installation sets and patches for StarOffice are available

Test strategy

The test modules will be run on different environments and platforms to be sure that this good combination avoid regressions.




We have started the testing activities on 14-MAR-07 and want to have finished this CWS on 23-MAR-07.

Test Matrix

Language ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
English en_us Linux x86 Instset (MSC) Solaris x86 Instset (OC/JSI) Win XP Patchset*) (JSK/TBO) Solaris SPARC Patchset (FHA) Solaris x86 Patchset (TBO) Win XP Instset (HDE) Solaris SPARC Instset JSI)
Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build



  1. Patchsets missing (-Jsi 16:29, 14 March 2007 (CET))
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