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Please add your ideas and topics you'd like to work on or mentor during the hackfest. Issues and/or features to be worked on should either be doable within two days, or at least could be given enough spin to be completed within a reasonable time and amount of effort after the hackfest. If available add links to the corresponding issue and possibly UX or other feature specifications.

Note that this is not an agenda and does not involve any schedule, we're "planning" more in an unConference style, so about anything may go once the hackfest started. However, getting prepared for some tasks isn't bad either..

Module Topic Remarks Issue # Mentor Participants
Calc Fill operations should not touch filtered rows A long outstanding issue that if solved would ease many people's itches..
A sketch of possible behavior is available at Calc/Drafts/Issue_33851#Fill_cells and Calc/Drafts/Issue_33851#Fill_series
Issue 89232 Eike Rathke [er] {you}
{and you}
{and you} ;-)
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