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== Checkout Release Branch From SVN ==
== Checkout Release Branch From SVN ==
<source lang="bash">
<source lang="bash">
svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension/branches/0.1/ guno-extension-0.1.4
svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension/branches/0.1/ guno-extension-0.1

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This is in progress

Under Construction


This page is to document the release candidate preparation procedure for a Groovy UNO Extension release candidate. For information on the extension see the Groovy_UNO_Extension wiki page. The current release candidate is guno-extension-0.1.4-rc2-r1740035

Create a Release Branch

If releasing a new major.minor release, create a new release branch in SVN. Future maintenance builds should be released from this same branch.

Example prepared for 0.1.4 (first release)

svn copy https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension/trunk \
https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension/branches/0.1 \
-m "created 0.1 release branch"

Checkout Release Branch From SVN

svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension/branches/0.1/ guno-extension-0.1

Prepare Archives For Distribution

Copy guno-extension directory to a temporary location. (Example ~/tmp/)

cp ./guno-extension-0.1.4 ~/tmp/

If you have built the project, delete any Gradle and/or IDE generated files and the .gradle and .svn directories. create a zip and tar.gz archives containing the project directory "guno-extension-0.1.4" named
guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip & guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz

Place these files in a new directory (ex. ~/tmp/upload/) and cd into this directory.

PGP Sign the Archives

You can check your key id's

gpg --list-keys

Next create and detached ascii armored detached signiture.

If you have more than one key

gpg -ab --default-key YOURKEYID guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip
gpg -ab --default-key YOURKEYID guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz

Or if you only have one key

gpg -ab guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip
gpg -ab guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz

Create the md5 Hashes

md5sum guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip > guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip.md5
md5sum guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz > guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz.md5

Verify the Signatures and Checksums

gpg --verify guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip.asc
gpg --verify guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz.asc
md5sum --check guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.zip.md5
md5sum --check guno-extension-0.1.4-r1740035-src.tar.gz.md5

Stage the Source Release Candidate to:


Move up one directory level above upload directory (cd ..)

This SVN import will include the contents of "upload" directory but not the directory itself.

svn import upload https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/openoffice/devtools/guno-extension-0.1.4-rc2-r1740035 -m "upload of guno-extension-0.1.4-rc2"

Build and Upload the Artifacts to Apache Nexus



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