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This wiki page lists all current patches provided by the OpenOffice.org community. Patches could be simple bug fixes and big features. Thanks to all contributers for their efforts.

Name EMail Comment Issue
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Adapts the password dialog to the new specification. Makes minimal password length more visible. 21923
robertzhou robertzhou{at}openoffice.org Provides another way for users to start toolbar customization via right mouse click and context menu. 33668
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Provides an error message when OpenOffice.org cannot determine the current language at startup 36231
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Removes a workaround within the method SfxObjectShell::FillClass. 41881
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Create a new style service for temp file handling. 47532
robertzhou robertzhou{at}openoffice.org Fixes focus problems while moving a toolbar item in the toolbar customize dialog. 53677
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that Hindi Numbers in OLE objects are arabic.. 54638
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Provides a unit test for the StandaloneDocumentInfo service. 60116
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Better user interface handling while notification for repairing a document occurs. 63661
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that we write to the disk whenever the user moves a docking window. 63848
beppec56 beppec56{at}openoffice.org Fixes PDF-Options dialog doesn't appear by sending doc as pdf e-mail attachment. 64555
kendy kendy{at}openoffice.org A big and nice patch which improves the handling of accelerator configuration files. 64717
kendy kendy{at}openoffice.org Fixes a problem that the crash reporter starts although disabled by a configuration entry. 65325
kendy kendy{at}openoffice.org A patch which makes branding much more flexible and easier. 66426
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Fixes a position problem with database forms. 67015
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a possible crash browsing in the macro dialog 67976
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a small user interface problem in the OpenOffice.org Java configuration dialog. 68018
beppec56 beppec56{at}openoffice.org A nice patch which solves problems with links to external files within documents that should be send via e-Mail as PDF documents. 68777
rail rail{at}openoffice.org A patch which fixes problems with the russian father's name in the 'Tools-Option-OpenOffice-UserData' tab page. 69133
kendy kendy{at}openoffice.org A patch which solves the problem that csv files stored with xls extension are opened in Writer instead of Calc 70809
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a problem where a deleted pointer was returned 71284
wuy wuy{at}ch2000.com.cn Fixes a dialog layout problem with asian languages 71445
mmeeks mmeeks{at}openoffice.org Fixes problems with GTK based quickstarter 71567
wuy wuy{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that XAcceleratorConfiguration::removeCommandFromAllKeyEvents does not remove the specified command. 72558
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that the icon import dialog doesn't store the icons persistently. Now the user is able to use imported icons easily. 73354
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org The icon import dialog can now overwrite icons with newer versions. 73355
beppec56 beppec56{at}openoffice.org Fixes a small UI issue regarding the PDF otpions dialog used by "Send Document as PDF" 73437
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Fixes a display problem with the roadmap control which contains more than nine items. 73964
cringer0 cringer0{at}openoffice.org Provides two icons for upper and lowercase function. 74238
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Fixes a problem with UNO AWT and the message box factory. 74385
liutao liutao{at}openoffice.org Provided a new feature to support viewing a document as a html web page in the system browser 74477
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Provides the missing IDL file for the com.sun.star.embed.OLESimpleStorage service. Additionally a unit test was created for testing the service. 75848
mmeeks mmeeks{at}openoffice.org Provided a new patch that remove some obsolete code from the tools project 76505
cyhawk cyhawk{at}openoffice.org Patches from the joint software quality improvement project OpenOffice++ of MultiRacio Ltd. and the Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged 77441
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that an OLE object cannot be edited when saved to a PPT file. 78753
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Small fix to close a memory leak in the calendar class 79056
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Small fixes for new[]/delete mismatches in the PropertySetHelper 79096
liangweike liangweike{at}openoffice.org Adds a new property called "NoLabel" to the UNO AWT controls to disable the automnemonic feature provided by VCL. 79712
jnavrati jnavrati{at}openoffice.org Fixes a possible memory leak in the sot library. 80457
jnavrati jnavrati{at}openoffice.org Fixes a possible memory leak Office application. 80459
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a crash in the package component while reading a corrupt document. The adds code to check values for consistency to prevent invalid data processing. 81280
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Provides a new SequenceOutputStream service for 3rd party developers. 81435
haui haui{at}openoffice.org Several fixes and enhancements for the MediaWiki export filter. 81597
haui haui{at}openoffice.org Fixes that there is no leading line break before bullets/numberings if bullet/numbering is not terminated by a line break in the MediaWiki export filter. 81833
haui haui{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that the change history was exported as plain text. 82947
haui haui{at}openoffice.org Fixes the problem that the MediaWiki export filter fails to export fields. 82978
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a endless recursion in the sot project due to a corrupt XLS file. 82994
robertzhou robertzhou{at}openoffice.org Makes the icon import feature more flexible adding automatic scaling and better error/warning messages. 83555
kendy kendy{at}openoffice.org Performance: This patch checks if loading the spl library is necessary or not on startup. 84169
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a warning from Valgrind in the ctor of the Date class. 85363
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a warning from Valgrind due to a non-initialized member in the ctor of the SvLBox class. 85366
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a crash in the SvHeaderTabListBox class while looking for accessibility states. 85385
robertzhou robertzhou{at}openoffice.org Fixes a crash of OpenOffice.org when switch icon sizes while the help window is open. 86098
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Removes unused code in the package project. 86348
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Removes unused code in the embeddedobj project. 86367
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Removes unused code in the desktop project. 86384
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Provides a unit test for the reimplemented passwort container. 86496
robertzhou robertzhou{at}openoffice.org Exchanges the sorting algorithm of the font list context menu controller to fix a slow context menu when thousands of fonts are installed. 86787
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes that some icons are not updated on a icon theme change in menus and toolbars. 86924
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org Provides, according to the specification, a new user interfaces for the MasterPassword dialog. 88127
fs fs{at}openoffice.org Extends the about dialog in the debug build and provides information about the MWS (master workspace). 89054
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Removes unused code in the svtools project. 90010
pmladek pmladek{at}openoffice.org Changes the resource manager to use a default locale (user interface language). 90820
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Added more checks for data consistency in storage headers. 92330
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes a supicious throw statement in svtools project. 92343
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes wrong while statement in framework project. 92972
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Makes that tools->options->security->read-only consistent with the implement function. 93142
zhangxiaofei zhangxiaofei{at}openoffice.org The Mozilla plugin now uses a pipe-based uno connection. 93617
dtardon dtardon{at}openoffice.org Fixes possible problem with a reverse STL iterator in SfxDocumentMetaData::setMetaList(). 93809
pmladek pmladek{at}openoffice.org Fixes missing project dependency for svtools. 94339
cmc cmc{at}openoffice.org Fixes wrong spelling for Belarusian in svtools. 94465
mmeeks mmeeks{at}openoffice.org Makes the storage code more robust on reading bad files. 94845
hennerdrewes hennerdrewes{at}openoffice.org Extends the Vista file dialog implementation. 97053
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