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NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1Ami Pro 1.x-3.1Ami Pro 1.x-3.1 (W4W)X--
2AportisDoc (Palm)AportisDoc Palm DBXX-
3Claris WorksClaris Works (W4W)X--
5DataGeneral CEO WriteDataGeneral CEO Write (W4W)X--
6DCA Revisable Form TextDCA Revisable Form Text (W4W)X--
7DCA with Display Write 5DCA with Display Write 5 (W4W)X--
8DCA/FFT-Final Form TextDCA/FFT-Final Form Text (W4W)X--
11DisplayWrite 2.0-4.xDisplayWrite 2.0-4.x (W4W)X--
12DisplayWrite 5.xDisplayWrite 5.x (W4W)X--
14EnableEnable (W4W)X--
15Frame Maker MIF 3.0Frame Maker MIF 3.0 (W4W)X--
16Frame Maker MIF 4.0Frame Maker MIF 4.0 (W4W)X--
17Frame Maker MIF 5.0Frame Maker MIF 5.0 (W4W)X--
18Frame Work IIIFrame Work III (W4W)X--
19Frame Work IVFrame Work IV (W4W)X--
20Hangul WP 97writer_MIZI_Hwp_97X--
21HP AdvanceWrite PlusHP AdvanceWrite Plus (W4W)X--
22HTML Document (StarOffice Writer)HTML (StarWriter)XX-
23Ichitaro 8/9/10/11writer_JustSystem_Ichitaro_10X--
24Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 Templatewriter_JustSystem_Ichitaro_10_templateX--
25ICL Office Power 6ICL Office Power 6 (W4W)X--
26ICL Office Power 7ICL Office Power 7 (W4W)X--
27InterleafInterleaf (W4W)X--
28Interleaf 5 - 6Interleaf 5 - 6 (W4W)X--
29Legacy Winstar onGOLegacy Winstar onGO (W4W)X--
30Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 DOS (StarOffice Writer)Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 (DOS) (StarWriter)X--
31Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 WIN (StarOffice Writer)Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 (WIN) (StarWriter)X--
32Lotus ManuscriptLotus Manuscript (W4W)X--
33Mac Write 4.x 5.0Mac Write 4.x 5.0 (W4W)X--
34Mac Write IIMac Write II (W4W)X--
35Mac Write ProMac Write Pro (W4W)X--
36MASS 11 Rel. 8.0-8.3MASS 11 Rel. 8.0-8.3 (W4W)X--
37MASS 11 Rel. 8.5-9.0MASS 11 Rel. 8.5-9.0 (W4W)X--
38Microsoft Excel 4.0 (StarOffice Writer)MS Excel 4.0 (StarWriter)X--
39Microsoft Excel 5.0 (StarOffice Writer)MS Excel 5.0 (StarWriter)X--
40Microsoft Excel 95 (StarOffice Writer)MS Excel 95 (StarWriter)X--
41Microsoft MacWord 3.0MS MacWord 3.0 (W4W)X--
42Microsoft MacWord 4.0MS MacWord 4.0 (W4W)X--
43Microsoft MacWord 5.xMS MacWord 5.x (W4W)X--
44Microsoft WinWord 1.xMS WinWord 1.x (W4W)X--
45Microsoft WinWord 2.xMS WinWord 2.x (W4W)X--
46Microsoft WinWord 5MS WinWord 5X--
47Microsoft Word 3.xMS Word 3.x (W4W)X--
48Microsoft Word 4.xMS Word 4.x (W4W)X--
49Microsoft Word 5.xMS Word 5.x (W4W)X--
50Microsoft Word 6.0MS WinWord 6.0XX-
51Microsoft Word 6.xMS Word 6.x (W4W)X--
52Microsoft Word 95MS Word 95XX-
53Microsoft Word 95 TemplateMS Word 95 VorlageX--
54Microsoft Word 97/2000/XPMS Word 97XX-
55Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP TemplateMS Word 97 VorlageX--
56Microsoft Works 2.0 DOSMS Works 2.0 DOS (W4W)X--
57Microsoft Works 3.0 WinMS Works 3.0 Win (W4W)X--
58Microsoft Works 4.0 MacMS Works 4.0 Mac (W4W)X--
59MultiMate 3.3MultiMate 3.3 (W4W)X--
60MultiMate 4MultiMate 4 (W4W)X--
61MultiMate Adv. 3.6MultiMate Adv. 3.6 (W4W)X--
62MultiMate Adv. II 3.7MultiMate Adv. II 3.7 (W4W)X--
64OfficeWriter 4.0OfficeWriter 4.0 (W4W)X--
65OfficeWriter 5.0OfficeWriter 5.0 (W4W)X--
66OfficeWriter 6.xOfficeWriter 6.x (W4W)X--
67PDF - Portable Document Formatwriter_pdf_Export-X-
68Peach TextPeach Text (W4W)X--
69PFS First Choice 1.0PFS First Choice 1.0 (W4W)X--
70PFS First Choice 2.0PFS First Choice 2.0 (W4W)X--
71PFS First Choice 3.0PFS First Choice 3.0 (W4W)X--
72PFS Professional Write 1.0Professional Write 1.0 (W4W)X--
73PFS Professional Write 2.xProfessional Write 2.x (W4W)X--
74PFS Professional Write PlusProfessional Write Plus (W4W)X--
75PFS WritePFS Write (W4W)X--
76Pocket WordPocketWord FileXX-
77Q&A Write 1.0-3.0Q&A Write 1.0-3.0 (W4W)X--
78Q&A Write 4.0Q&A Write 4.0 (W4W)X--
79Rapid File 1.0Rapid File 1.0 (W4W)X--
80Rapid File 1.2Rapid File 1.2 (W4W)X--
81Rich Text FormatRich Text FormatXX-
82Samna Word IV-IV PlusSamna Word IV-IV Plus (W4W)X--
83StarOffice 6.0 Text DocumentStarOffice XML (Writer)XX-
84StarOffice 6.0 Text Document Templatewriter_StarOffice_XML_Writer_TemplateXX-
85StarWriter 1.0StarWriter 1.0X--
86StarWriter 2.0StarWriter 2.0X--
87StarWriter 3.0StarWriter 3.0XX-
88StarWriter 3.0 TemplateStarWriter 3.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
89StarWriter 4.0StarWriter 4.0XX-
90StarWriter 4.0 TemplateStarWriter 4.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
91StarWriter 5.0StarWriter 5.0XX-
92StarWriter 5.0 TemplateStarWriter 5.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
93StarWriter DOSStarWriter DOSX--
95Text EncodedText (encoded)XX-
96Total WordTotal Word (W4W)X--
97Uniplex onGOUniplex onGO (W4W)X--
98Uniplex V7-V8Uniplex V7-V8 (W4W)X--
99VolksWriter 3 and 4VolksWriter 3 and 4 (W4W)X--
100VolksWriter DeluxeVolksWriter Deluxe (W4W)X--
101Wang II SWPWang II SWP (W4W)X--
102Wang PCWang PC (W4W)X--
103Wang WP PlusWang WP Plus (W4W)X--
104Win Write 3.xWin Write 3.x (W4W)X--
106WiziWord 3.0WiziWord 3.0 (W4W)X--
107WordPerfect (Win) 5.1-5.2WordPerfect (Win) 5.1-5.2 (W4W)X--
108WordPerfect (Win) 6.0WordPerfect (Win) 6.0 (W4W)X--
109WordPerfect (Win) 6.1WordPerfect (Win) 6.1 (W4W)X--
110WordPerfect (Win) 7.0WordPerfect (Win) 7.0 (W4W)X--
111WordPerfect 4.1WordPerfect 4.1 (W4W)X--
112WordPerfect 4.2WordPerfect 4.2 (W4W)X--
113WordPerfect 5.0WordPerfect 5.0 (W4W)X--
114WordPerfect 5.1WordPerfect 5.1 (W4W)X--
115WordPerfect 6.0WordPerfect 6.0 (W4W)X--
116WordPerfect 6.1WordPerfect 6.1 (W4W)X--
117WordPerfect Mac 1WordPerfect Mac 1 (W4W)X--
118WordPerfect Mac 2WordPerfect Mac 2 (W4W)X--
119WordPerfect Mac 3WordPerfect Mac 3 (W4W)X--
120WordStar (Win) 1.x-2.0WordStar (Win) 1.x-2.0 (W4W)X--
121WordStar 2000 Rel. 3.0WordStar 2000 Rel. 3.0 (W4W)X--
122WordStar 2000 Rel. 3.5WordStar 2000 Rel. 3.5 (W4W)X--
123WordStar 3.3xWordStar 3.3x (W4W)X--
124WordStar 3.45WordStar 3.45 (W4W)X--
125WordStar 4.0WordStar 4.0 (W4W)X--
126WordStar 5.0WordStar 5.0 (W4W)X--
127WordStar 5.5WordStar 5.5 (W4W)X--
128WordStar 6.0WordStar 6.0 (W4W)X--
129WordStar 7.0 WordStar 7.0 (W4W)X--
130WPS 2000/Office 1.0writer_WPSSystem_WPS2000_10X--
131WriteNow 3.0 (Macintosh)WriteNow 3.0 (Macintosh) (W4W)X--
132Writing AssistantWriting Assistant (W4W)X--
133XEROX XIF 5.0XEROX XIF 5.0 (W4W)X--
134XEROX XIF 5.0 (Illustrator)XEROX XIF 5.0 (Illustrator) (W4W)X--
135XEROX XIF 6.0 (Color Bitmap)XEROX XIF 6.0 (Color Bitmap) (W4W)X--
136XEROX XIF 6.0 (Res Graphic)XEROX XIF 6.0 (Res Graphic) (W4W)X--
137XyWrite (Win) 1.0XyWrite (Win) 1.0 (W4W)X--
138XyWrite IIIXyWrite III ( W4W)X--
139XyWrite III+XyWrite III+ ( W4W)X--
140XyWrite IVXyWrite IV (W4W)X--
141XyWrite Sig. (Win)XyWrite Sig. (Win) (W4W)X--
142XyWrite SignatureXyWrite Signature (W4W)X--

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1Help contentwriter_web_HTML_helpX--
3PDF - Portable Document Formatwriter_web_pdf_Export-X-
4StarOffice 6.0 HTML Templatewriter_web_StarOffice_XML_Writer_Web_TemplateXX-
5StarOffice Text Document (StarOffice Writer/Web)writer_web_StarOffice_XML_Writer-X-
6StarWriter 3.0 (StarOffice Writer/Web)StarWriter 3.0 (StarWriter/Web)-X-
7StarWriter 4.0 (StarOffice Writer/Web)StarWriter 4.0 (StarWriter/Web)-X-
8StarWriter 5.0 (StarOffice Writer/Web)StarWriter 5.0 (StarWriter/Web)-X-
9StarWriter/Web 4.0 TemplateStarWriter/Web 4.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
10StarWriter/Web 5.0 TemplateStarWriter/Web 5.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
11Text (StarOffice Writer/Web)Text (StarWriter/Web)XX-
12Text Encoded (StarOffice Writer/Web)Text (encoded) (StarWriter/Web)XX-

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1PDF - Portable Document Formatwriter_globaldocument_pdf_Export-X-
2StarOffice 6.0 Master Documentwriter_globaldocument_StarOffice_XML_Writer_GlobalDocumentXX-
3StarOffice 6.0 Text Document writer_globaldocument_StarOffice_XML_Writer-X-
4StarWriter 3.0 StarWriter 3.0 (StarWriter/GlobalDocument)-X-
5StarWriter 4.0 StarWriter 4.0 (StarWriter/GlobalDocument)-X-
6StarWriter 4.0 Master DocumentStarWriter 4.0/GlobalDocumentXX-
7StarWriter 5.0 StarWriter 5.0 (StarWriter/GlobalDocument)-X-
8StarWriter 5.0 Master DocumentStarWriter 5.0/GlobalDocumentXX-
9Text Encoded (StarOffice Master Document)Text (encoded) (StarWriter/GlobalDocument)XX-

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1Data Interchange FormatDIFXXX
3HTML Document (StarOffice Calc)HTML (StarCalc)XX-
4Lotus 1-2-3LotusX-X
5Microsoft Excel 4.0MS Excel 4.0X--
6Microsoft Excel 4.0 TemplateMS Excel 4.0 Vorlage/TemplateX--
7Microsoft Excel 5.0MS Excel 5.0/95XX-
8Microsoft Excel 5.0 TemplateMS Excel 5.0/95 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
9Microsoft Excel 95MS Excel 95XX-
10Microsoft Excel 95 TemplateMS Excel 95 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
11Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XPMS Excel 97XX-
12Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP TemplateMS Excel 97 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
13PDF - Portable Document Formatcalc_pdf_Export-X-
14Pocket ExcelPocket ExcelXX-
15Rich Text Format (StarOffice Calc)Rich Text Format (StarCalc)X--
16StarCalc 1.0StarCalc 1.0X--
17StarCalc 3.0StarCalc 3.0XX-
18StarCalc 3.0 TemplateStarCalc 3.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
19StarCalc 4.0StarCalc 4.0XX-
20StarCalc 4.0 TemplateStarCalc 4.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
21StarCalc 5.0StarCalc 5.0XX-
22StarCalc 5.0 TemplateStarCalc 5.0 Vorlage/TemplateXX-
23StarOffice 6.0 SpreadsheetStarOffice XML (Calc)XX-
24StarOffice 6.0 Spreadsheet Templatecalc_StarOffice_XML_Calc_TemplateXX-
26Text CSVText - txt - csv (StarCalc)XXX
27Web Page Query (StarOffice Calc)calc_HTML_WebQueryX--

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1BMP - Windows BitmapBMP - MS WindowsX--
2BMP - Windows Bitmapdraw_bmp_Export-X-
3DXF - AutoCAD Interchange FormatDXF - AutoCAD InterchangeX--
4EMF - Enhanced Metafiledraw_emf_Export-X-
5EMF - Enhanced MetafileEMF - MS Windows MetafileX--
6EPS - Encapsulated PostScriptdraw_eps_Export-X-
7EPS - Encapsulated PostScriptEPS - Encapsulated PostScriptX--
8GIF - Graphics Interchange FormatGIF - Graphics InterchangeX--
9GIF - Graphics Interchange Formatdraw_gif_Export-X-
10HTML Document (StarOffice Draw)draw_html_Export-X-
11JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts GroupJPG - JPEGX--
12JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Groupdraw_jpg_Export-X-
13MET - OS/2 MetafileMET - OS/2 MetafileX--
14MET - OS/2 Metafiledraw_met_Export-X-
15PBM - Portable BitmapPBM - Portable BitmapX--
16PBM - Portable Bitmapdraw_pbm_Export-X-
17PCD - Kodak Photo CD (192x128)draw_PCD_Photo_CD_Base16X--
18PCD - Kodak Photo CD (384x256)draw_PCD_Photo_CD_Base4X--
19PCD - Kodak Photo CD (768x512)draw_PCD_Photo_CD_BaseX--
20PCT - Mac PictPCT - Mac PictX--
21PCT - Mac Pictdraw_pct_Export-X-
22PCX - Zsoft PaintbrushPCX - Zsoft PaintbrushX--
23PDF - Portable Document Formatdraw_pdf_Export-X-
24PGM - Portable GraymapPGM - Portable GraymapX--
25PGM - Portable Graymapdraw_pgm_Export-X-
26PNG - Portable Network GraphicPNG - Portable Network GraphicX--
27PNG - Portable Network Graphicdraw_png_Export-X-
28PPM - Portable PixelmapPPM - Portable PixelmapX--
29PPM - Portable Pixelmapdraw_ppm_Export-X-
30PSD - Adobe PhotoshopPSD - Adobe PhotoshopX--
31RAS - Sun Raster Imagedraw_ras_Export-X-
32RAS - Sun Raster ImageRAS - Sun RasterfileX--
33SGF - StarWriter Graphics FormatSGF - StarOffice Writer SGFX--
34SGV - StarDraw 2.0SGV - StarDraw 2.0X--
35StarDraw 3.0StarDraw 3.0XX-
36StarDraw 3.0 TemplateStarDraw 3.0 VorlageXX-
37StarDraw 5.0StarDraw 5.0XX-
38StarDraw 5.0 TemplateStarDraw 5.0 VorlageXX-
39StarOffice 6.0 DrawingStarOffice XML (Draw)XX-
40StarOffice 6.0 Drawing Templatedraw_StarOffice_XML_Draw_TemplateXX-
41SVG - Scalable Vector Graphicsdraw_svg_Export-X-
42SVM - StarView Metafiledraw_svm_Export-X-
43SVM - StarView MetafileSVM - StarView MetafileX--
44TGA - Truevision TargaTGA - Truevision TARGAX--
45TIFF - Tagged Image File FormatTIF - Tag Image FileX--
46TIFF - Tagged Image File Formatdraw_tif_Export-X-
47WMF - Windows Metafiledraw_wmf_Export-X-
48WMF - Windows MetafileWMF - MS Windows MetafileX--
49XBM - X BitmapXBM - X-ConsortiumX--
50XPM - X PixMapdraw_xpm_Export-X-
51XPM - X PixMapXPMX--

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1BMP - Windows Bitmapimpress_bmp_Export-X-
2CGM - Computer Graphics MetafileCGM - Computer Graphics MetafileX--
3EMF - Enhanced Metafileimpress_emf_Export-X-
4EPS - Encapsulated PostScriptimpress_eps_Export-X-
5GIF - Graphics Interchange Formatimpress_gif_Export-X-
6HTML Document (StarOffice Impress)impress_html_Export-X-
7JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Groupimpress_jpg_Export-X-
8MET - OS/2 Metafileimpress_met_Export-X-
9Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XPMS PowerPoint 97XX-
10Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP TemplateMS PowerPoint 97 VorlageXX-
11PBM - Portable Bitmapimpress_pbm_Export-X-
12PCT - Mac Pictimpress_pct_Export-X-
13PDF - Portable Document Formatimpress_pdf_Export-X-
14PGM - Portable Graymapimpress_pgm_Export-X-
15PNG - Portable Network Graphicimpress_png_Export-X-
16PPM - Portable Pixelmapimpress_ppm_Export-X-
17PWP - PlaceWareplaceware_Export-X-
18RAS - Sun Raster Imageimpress_ras_Export-X-
19StarDraw 3.0 (StarOffice Impress)StarDraw 3.0 (StarImpress)XX-
20StarDraw 3.0 Template (StarOffice Impress)StarDraw 3.0 Vorlage (StarImpress)XX-
21StarDraw 5.0 (StarOffice Impress)StarDraw 5.0 (StarImpress)XX-
22StarDraw 5.0 Template (StarOffice Impress)StarDraw 5.0 Vorlage (StarImpress)XX-
23StarImpress 4.0StarImpress 4.0XX-
24StarImpress 4.0 TemplateStarImpress 4.0 VorlageXX-
25StarImpress 5.0StarImpress 5.0XX-
26StarImpress 5.0 PackedStarImpress 5.0 (packed)X--
27StarImpress 5.0 TemplateStarImpress 5.0 VorlageXX-
28StarOffice 6.0 Drawing (StarOffice Impress)impress_StarOffice_XML_DrawXX-
29StarOffice 6.0 PresentationStarOffice XML (Impress)XX-
30StarOffice 6.0 Presentation Templateimpress_StarOffice_XML_Impress_TemplateXX-
31SVG - Scalable Vector Graphicsimpress_svg_Export-X-
32SVM - StarView Metafileimpress_svm_Export-X-
33TIFF - Tagged Image File Formatimpress_tif_Export-X-
34WMF - Windows Metafileimpress_wmf_Export-X-
35XPM - X PixMapimpress_xpm_Export-X-

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1StarChart 3.0StarChart 3.0XX-
2StarChart 4.0StarChart 4.0XX-
3StarChart 5.0StarChart 5.0XX-
4StarOffice 6.0 ChartStarOffice XML (Chart)XX-

NrLocalized NameInternal NameImportExportUses Options
1MathML 1.01MathML XML (Math)XX-
2MathType3.xMathType 3.xXX-
3PDF - Portable Document Formatmath_pdf_Export-X-
4StarMath 2.0StarMath 2.0X--
5StarMath 3.0StarMath 3.0XX-
6StarMath 4.0StarMath 4.0XX-
7StarMath 5.0StarMath 5.0XX-
8StarOffice 6.0 FormulaStarOffice XML (Math)XX-
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