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=== Proposal for v1.1 ===
=== Proposal for v1.1 ===
:Is it possible to move the menu command between "Serach Google" and "View Selection Source"?
:Is it possible to move the menu command between "Search Google" and "View Selection Source"?
:The strings for v1.0.5 are:
:The strings for v1.0.5 are:
*Search OpenOffice.org
*Search OpenOffice.org

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Firefox OpenOffice.org Add-on

This is an add-on for the Firefox 1.x and 2.x webbrowser. It adds a new main menu with list of OpenOffice.org related URLs, plus a context menu with links to the OOo Advanced Search page, Google, OOo IssueTtracker and the Wikipedia page.

Firefox Add-on Installation

Download the Firefox Add-on from the Extension Download

  • Make sure that a Mozilla Firefox version 1.x or 2.0 is running
  • Drag & Drop the Ooo_extension.xpi file into the browser window area or you could load the Ooo_extension.xpi alternatively via File - Open File
  • Wait few second and click the install button. The extension is not signed yet.
  • Restart your Firefox browser.

The "OOo" menu

The additional main menu provides a list of useful OpenOffice.org related URLs. Just use it as any other Firefox menu.

Firefox extension menu
complete menu structure v1.0.4

Usability Issues

  • too many unstructured items in first level (11).
    • Recommendation: add dividers and reorganize menu tree
  • terminology not consistent with ooo's website
    • Recommendation: update terminology and do not use abbreviations
  • menu icons too similar and not complete.
    • Recommendation: don't use any icons for the extension

Proposal for v1.1

bold is used for updated strings and URLs
green is used for new items
Proposed Menu Structure
updated menu structure for v1.1 (final proposal)

Search context menu

The OpenOffice.org search context menu sends the currently selected text to

  • OpenOffice.org Advanced Search Page
  • Start a query on Google.com
  • Queries for a bug on IssueZilla
  • Wikipedia (English)
  • Send all four search requests

A new browser tab opens with the result of the query.

Open a web page and select a word for which you want to run a query. Click the right key and choose from the context menu 'OpenOffice.org Context search'. A new sub menu shows up. Choose now the search engine for the query.

Search context menu

Proposal for v1.1

Is it possible to move the menu command between "Search Google" and "View Selection Source"?
The strings for v1.0.5 are:
  • Search OpenOffice.org
    • Site Search
    • With Google
    • At Wikipedia
    • IssueTracker
    • --
    • Multi-Search
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