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New features planned for OpenOffice.org


This page is a roadmap for the features planned in future OpenOffice.org releases. For older releases, see the archives.

The items listed here are under continuous development and the dates are therefore subject to change!

OpenOffice.org product planning

Upcoming OpenOffice.org versions

Features planned for OOo 3.2 (January 2010)

release motto "Performance"

  • Overall
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Implementation of ODF 1.2 Metadata
    • Support for Opentype/CFF fonts
    • Begin of support for Graphite Smart fonts
    • XHTML export filter update
    • Support for Quicklook on OS X
  • Writer
    • Stemming and morphological capabilities for Thesaurus
    • Better OOXML import / begin of .docx export
  • Calc
    • Bubble chart implementation for charting module
    • Improvements in Autofilter, DataPilot, Conditional formatting, ODFFormula
    • Allow to insert/delete into/from the middle of merged cells
  • Base
    • Search and replace capabilities to SQL-Editor

Features planned for OOo 3.3 (June 2010)

release motto "Fit and Trim"

  • Writer
    • Compare documents also compares tables
    • FindBar: Additional toolbar which provides basic search functions.
  • Calc
    • Improve performance associated with row limit increase.
    • Allow setting custom colors to sheet tabs in Calc.
  • Base
    • Upgrade of hsqldb from version 1.8 to 2.0
  • Math
    • Baseline alignment of formulas in starmath module
  • Internal
    • switch to a distributed SCM
    • modularization of the build system

Features planned for OOo 3.4 (November 2010)

  • Overall
    • removal of old StarOffice binary filters (*.sdw, *.sdc, *.sdd)
  • Impress
    • Animations in SWF export

Features planned for OOo 3.x

  • Overall
    • XForms Enhancements
    • XHTML import filter (?)
  • Writer
    • Possibility to rotate images in Writer

Roadmaps elsewhere

OpenOffice.org roadmap


Project-Specific Wiki-Pages


See also the Calc Usability Activities page on this wiki.

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