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New Features planned for OpenOffice.org

The items and dates listed here are under development and may change !

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See also the Calc Usability Activities page on this wiki.

Planned Features for 2.4 Release

see also Feature_Freeze_Testing_2.4

Planned Features for 3.0 Release

  • Impress
  • Calc
    • Office 12 (.xlsx) Import Filter
    • Compliance with ODF formula specification
    • GETPIVOTDATA function
  • Writer
    • new Notes2 module for displaying notes in the margins
    • Office 12 (.docx) import filter
    • Web-Html
    • ODF documents' metadata editor
    • Preview of hyperlinks inside the document
    • MediaWiki Extension
  • Extensions:
    • API enhancements
    • GUI enhancements - The GUI should be redesigned to get a more modern look. A good guideline is the new IBM Lotus Symphony that uses dynamic panels. This is better than MS Office's "ribbon", at least for documents, because it saves space on the top (normally documents are vertical).
    • Option page

  • Better VBA? [1]
  • Windows_Vista Enhancements:
    • new File Dialog
    • visualization of Meta data in Explorer
  • Web services
    • Web Services wizard?
  • OpenOffice.org Repackaging
    • Repackaging step one [2]

Planned Features for 3.x Release

  • XForms Enhancements

Latest Updates

Features for 2.3 Release (September 2007)

Features for 2.2.1 Release (June 2007)

  • BugFix Release only, no features planned.

Features for 2.2 Release (March 2007)

see also Feature_Freeze_Testing_2_2_0

  • SoC: SQLite driver
  • Extensions can have online updates [3]
  • OXT (Extension) integration with Windows, KDE, and GNOME.
  • PDF Export update (eg. bookmarks in PDFs, default zoom) [4]
  • Autokerning enabled by default for new documents [5]

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fix a large OSX crasher [6]
  • Fix some focus issues [7]
  • Fix importing some PivotTables [8]
  • Privacy enhancements for UUID generation [9]

Longer List

Features for 2.1 Release (December 2006)

see also Feature_Freeze_Testing_21

Notable Bug Fixes

Features for 2.0.4 Release (September 2006)

see also Feature_Freeze_Testing_204

  • General
    • Automatic notification of updates
  • System Integration
    • KDE settings integration
    • Support CUPS for printing on OS X
    • Netbeans Integration enhancements
    • Use MacOSX installer for X11 builds
  • Application Updates
    • Export images directly out of Impress and Draw
    • PDF Security options on export
    • LaTeX export
    • Create reports from a native database query
  • Extension Updates
    • Extended Dialog Editor to support binding of UNO Objects
    • Library export in Basic IDE
    • Support for extensions dependencies
  • New locales
    • Fijian (fj_FJ)
    • Tigrigana (ti_ER)
    • Namibian (af_NA, en_NA)
    • Amharic Ethiopia (am_ET)
    • ...

Notable Bug Fixes

  • PDF Export fixes
  • Word Perfect import updates
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