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{{Category: Outdated}}
== Intro ==
== Intro ==

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New features planned for OpenOffice.org

  • This category contains classify old contents that need to be revised.;
  • Esta categoria classificar os conteúdos antigos que precisam ser revisados;
  • Diese Kategorie alte Inhalte einordnen, die überarbeitet werden müssen;
  • Cette catégorie classer les anciens contenus à réviser;
  • Questa categoria classificare vecchi contenuti che devono essere rivisti;
  • Данная категория классифицировать старое содержание которое необходимо пересмотреть.
en: Outdated are all pages from OOo old wiki content. This category was created in order to classify old contents that need to be revised;
pt: Desatualizados são todas as páginas do conteúdo antigo do wiki. Esta categoria foi criada para classificar os conteúdos antigos que precisam ser revisados;
de: Veraltet sind alle Seiten aus dem alten Wiki-Inhalt von OOo. Diese Kategorie wurde erstellt, um alte Inhalte zu klassifizieren, die überarbeitet werden müssen;
fr: Sont pas à jour toutes les pages de OOo ancien contenu du wiki. Cette catégorie a été créée afin de classer les anciens contenus devant être révisés;
it: Sono obsolete tutte le pagine di OOo vecchio contenuto del wiki. Questa categoria è stata creata per classificare vecchi contenuti che devono essere rivisti;
ru: Устаревшие все страницы из OOo старого содержимого вики. Эта категория была создана для того, чтобы классифицировать старое содержимое, которое необходимо пересмотреть.


This page is a roadmap for the features planned in future OpenOffice.org releases. For older releases, see the archives.

The items listed here are under continuous development and the dates are therefore subject to change!

OpenOffice.org product planning

Upcoming OpenOffice.org versions

Features planned for OOo 3.3 (Third quarter 2010)

release motto "Fit and Trim", please also see Feature_Freeze_Testing_3.3 and Feature Overview

  • Writer
    • Compare documents also compares tables
    • FindBar: Additional toolbar which provides basic search functions.
  • Calc
    • Improve performance associated with row limit increase
    • Allow setting custom colors to sheet tabs in Calc.(cws calctabcolor)
  • Impress
    • Step back slideshow animations
  • Base
  • Math
    • Baseline alignment of formulas in starmath module (?)
  • Internal
    • switch to a distributed SCM
    • modularization of the build system

Features planned for OOo next

  • Overall
    • removal of old StarOffice binary filters (*.sdw, *.sdc, *.sdd)
    • SVG Import (cws ka102)
  • Calc
    • New spreadsheet functions and parameters according to ODFF (cws calcishmakkica)
    • Initial implementation of xlsx export filter (cws ooxml07)
  • Base
    • Upgrade of hsqldb from version 1.8 to 2.0 (cws hsqldb19)

Features planned for OOo 3.x

  • Overall
    • XForms Enhancements
    • XHTML import filter (?)
  • Writer
    • Possibility to rotate images in Writer

Roadmaps elsewhere

OpenOffice.org roadmap


Project-Specific Wiki-Pages


See also the Calc Usability Activities page on this wiki.

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