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(Features planned for OOo 3.1 (not before Wednesday 7th May 2009 ))
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== Features planned for OOo 3.1 ([[OOoRelease31|not before Wednesday 7th May 2009 ]]) ==
== Features planned for OOo 3.1 ==
* Arabic / RTL UI
* Arabic / RTL UI

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New features planned for OpenOffice.org


This page is a roadmap for the features planned in future OpenOffice.org releases.

Roadmaps elsewhere

OpenOffice.org roadmap


OpenOffice.org 3.1: detailed schedule


For older releases, see the archives.

The items listed here are under continuous development and the dates are therefore subject to change!

Project-Specific Wiki-Pages


See also the Calc Usability Activities page on this wiki.

Current Release

Features planned for OOo 3.1

  • Arabic / RTL UI
  • High Document Fidelity (AntiAliasing of Drawing Object and optimized graphic primitives)
  • Improved packaging, package pools
  • New template dialog and template repository
  • user data/feedback extention
  • trackpad gestures for Mac OS X


  • overline text
  • transparent selection
  • reply to existing notes
  • search inside notes
  • RichText Import/Export of notes for MS Word files
  • Bibliographic - meta data support for text objects in Writer in 3.1


  • SQL syntax highlighting
  • MySQL integration


  • Zoomslider for Draw and Impress


Features planned for OOo 3.2 (November 2009)

  • Overall
    • First Achievements of the Renaissance project
    • Implementation of ODF 1.2 Metadata
    • Support for Opentype/CFF fonts
    • Begin of support for Graphite Smart fonts
    • XHTML export filter update / XHTML import filter (?)
    • Support for Quicklook on OS X
  • Writer
    • Possibility to rotate images in Writer
    • Stemming and morphological capabilities for Thesaurus
    • Better OOXML import / begin of .docx export
    • Notes for a range of text
  • Calc
    • Bubble chart implementation for charting module
    • Improvements in Autofilter, DataPilot, Conditional formatting, ODFFormula
  • Impress
  • Base
    • Search and replace capabilities to SQL-Editor
  • Math'
    • Baseline alignment of formulas in starmath module

Features planned for OOo 3.x

  • XForms Enhancements
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