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This is the list of features and enhancements, which are integrated in DEV300 code line since after the split for OOo 3.2. All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since DEV300m61. This list is more technically orientated and isn't a release note. This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

If you are interested when this code line will be split into the release of OOo 3.3, please take a look at the OOo 3.3 release schedule.

This page is still in progress and isn't final for the next release!

Component : API

Component : Chart

  • 78934, 91035, 103778, 109594, 109744, 109767, 109771, 109781 :
    • Description : Several defaults have changed for charts:
      • By default charts are now created with a bigger size (9x16cm wide screen).
      • The default font size is bigger with 10pt also for data labels, axes labels and legend entries.
      • No black borders are drawn per default around data points and symbols.
      • Lines are a bit thinner for line charts.
      • The corner style for borders is 'Rounded' now.
      • 3D charts are created with realistic look (smooth shading and no borders).
      • The default lights have changed together with the default geometry to make things brighter. Pyramids have got a new geometry and now are rotated with the flat side to front.
      • The floor in 3D charts was made flat like the walls are.
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification : http://specs.openoffice.org/chart/Chart3DViewDialog.odt
    • Test case specification :
    • Test document :
    • CWS : chart43 integrated in DEV300m76

Component : Database Access (dba)

  • 20615 : New MetaData node for Database drivers to view column descriptions from the database
    • Description : Now it is possible to define a new property in the drivers xcu file. Per default this is enabled for MySQL (JDBC) and Ado (including Access, Access only allows to view it, it can not be changed). The configuration entry has to be in the section MetaData true When this is enabled the table designer will display the column description beside the former normal description which is used as help text. The column description is used has help text when the normal description is empty otherwise the normal description is used.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=277
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba33f integrated in DEV300m81

  • 84012 : Base now supports database registrations configured as read-only
    • Description : Database registrations are normally maintained via Tools/Options/Databases. The registrations are stored in OpenOffice.org's configuration, which means it is also possible to deploy additional configuration fragments (e.g. via extensions) which contain additional registrations. If those configuration fragments are declared as read-only (by using the usual configuration mechanisms for this), then the UI now respects this, by disallowing modifications (editions, removal) of this registration entry.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=275
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • Test document : http://www.openoffice.org/nonav/issues/showattachment.cgi/49940/i84012.oxt
    • CWS : dba33b integrated in DEV300m70

  • 104329 : allow to overrule Base's heuristics for primary key support
    • Description : There's a new option "Supports primary keys" in the Advanced Settings of a database, which is to overrule Base's heuristics used to detect whether the database it connects to supports primary keys. This new option is available for database connections via ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=273
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba33b integrated in DEV300m70

  • 106184 : text(-like) input form controls also support the "Vertical Alignment" property

Component : Framework

  • 87784 : Ctrl+F5 now toggles between the document and the nearest form control
    • Description : Ctrl+F5, which used to focus the first (by a definition which is hard to understand by the average user) form control in a document, has changed its behavior: It now focuses the form control nearest to the current cursor position, if the focus is not within a form control currently. Otherwise, it gives the focus back to the document view.
    • Feature Announcement : http://framework.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=313
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba33f integrated in DEV300m81

Component : Graphic System Layer (gsl)

Component : L10N

Component : Presentation

Component : QA

  • 104281 : testtool: Enable tabswitching on named dialog
    • Description : Old behaviour to switch tab pages on a dialog looks like: kontext active.setPage nameOfPage kontext "nameOfPage" This lead to problems in case another messagebox is also open - which is also of type 'active'. Now it is possible to name the dialog with: kontext "dialogName" dialogName.setPage nameOfPage kontext "nameOfPage" in addition to the old behaviour, where available.
    • Feature Announcement : http://eis.services.openoffice.org/EIS2/changesmails.EditFeature?Id=4570
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : printerpullpages integrated in DEV300m70

Component : Spreadsheet

  • 92896 : Changed UI string when deleting sheets
    • Description : The message box that appears when deleting one or more sheets has been changed from "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the current sheet(s)?" to "Are you sure you want to delete the selected sheet(s)?"
    • Feature Announcement : http://sc.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=313
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dr74 integrated in DEV300m77

  • 105808 : Renamed "Notes" to "Comments" in two Calc dialogs
    • Description : With issue 103139 (http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=103139), "Notes" have been renamed to "Comments". In two Calc dialogs, this change has now been adapted ("Paste Special" and "Delete Contents"). Addionally, a few keyboard shortcuts have been changed due to the new strings. The following strings have been changed: Dialog "Paste Special": N~otes -> ~Comments O~bjects -> ~Objects S~ubtract -> ~Subtract Dialog "Delete Contents": Not~es -> ~Comments
    • Feature Announcement : http://sc.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=312
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dr74 integrated in DEV300m77

Component : UI

All CWS which are marked as UI- or Help relevant in EIS

  • cbosdo01 in DEV300m72 : Implements an autocorrection to add non breaking spaces before the following characters in french: ':', ';', '?', '!'
  • chart45 in DEV300m78 : chart fixes (mostly regression bug fixes)
  • chartmultiline in DEV300m75 : Hierarchical axis labels
  • chartshapes in DEV300m74 : support for shapes in chart
  • datapilotperf in DEV300m76 : DataPilot performance improvements
  • dba33a in DEV300m67 :
  • dba33b in DEV300m70 : ongoing DBA bug fixing for 3.3
  • dba33d in DEV300m71 :
  • dba33e in DEV300m77 :
  • dr73 in DEV300m78 : OOo 3.3 fixes
  • dr74 in DEV300m77 : Calc fixes for OOo 3.3
  • hcmac02 in DEV300m67 : Some Mac OS X Help issues
  • hcshared24 in DEV300m67 : Fixing issues of existing Help contents
  • hcshared25 in DEV300m79 : Ongoing fixes to Help contents
  • impresspaintbrush01 in DEV300m67 : Adding text support for the format paintbrush feature in impress and draw
  • installer10 in DEV300m77 : Allow registration for Microsoft File Types in setup.
  • koheiautodecimal in DEV300m80 : Add support for automatically adjusting decimal places per column width, when the number format of the cell is 'General'.
  • koheicsvimport in DEV300m76 : Enhancements associated with csv and html imports, esp. w.r.t. automatic special number detection & persistent csv import options.
  • koheidatapilot03 in DEV300m71 : Misc new stuff for DataPilot.
  • kso42 in DEV300m71 : Misc. OOo 3.3 tasks
  • kso43 in DEV300m75 : Misc. OOo 3.3 tasks
  • l10ntools in DEV300m71 : some minor issues fixed in localize_sl and localize.pl , transex3 renamed to l10ntools , added missing buildtypes
  • locales33 in DEV300m76 : i18n locales and locale data for OOo3.3
  • mib12 in DEV300m79 : OOo 3.3 / SO 9.3
  • mysqlconnector in DEV300m72 : bring the content CWS mysqlnative (aka: the native MySQL driver, or MySQL Connector/OOo) into the MWS.
  • os137 in DEV300m68 : Bugfixing OOo 3.3
  • ppp02 in DEV300m77 : Followup for CWS printerpullpages to fix issues that have come up with the new print implementation.
  • printerpullpages in DEV300m70 : Printing restructuring works
  • sw33a11y01 in DEV300m78 : solutions for accessibility issues in Writer
  • renaissance2 in DEV300m81 : implementing some renaissance features for slide layouts in impress
  • slidecopy in DEV300m81 : implement a framework for toolpanels deployed by extensions
  • sw33a11y01 in DEV300m78 : solutions for accessibility issues in Writer
  • sw33bf02 in DEV300m76 : fixes in Writer for OOo 3.3
  • validityref in DEV300m67 : Cell reference input in the Validity dialog
  • vcl106 in DEV300m65 : 3.3 issues
  • vcl107 in DEV300m64 : 3.3 issues
  • vcl110 in DEV300m65 : Issues for 3.3

Links to the Features, Enhancements (issues)

link to the Features
link to the Enhancements

(The DEV300 code line isn't split to OOO330 code line and feature freeze isn't finished until now. Therefore it can occur that a listed issue in the queries isn't integrated in the last developer snapshot!)

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