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Here are the features and enhancements, which were integrated in OOo 3.1. All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since DEV300m29 - build ID 9339 - to DEV300mX. These list is more technical orientated and isn't a release note for OOo 3.1. This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

CWS with changes UI and/or online help

Here are all Child Work Spaces [CWS] are listed which are integrated since DEV300m30 and which are relevant for UI changes, Feature integration, changes in Online Help or for translation :

alf01 in DEV300m38 : Added limited docking window support for extensions. aw058 in DEV300m36 : BugFixing CWS for DEV300 aw059 in DEV300m39 : UI and InterAction (IA) changes for DrawingLayer for 3.1 calc47 in DEV300m38 : General Calc implementation and fixes for OOo3.1 chart22 in DEV300m29 : Plotting of missing values dba31a in DEV300m30 : Ongong bug fixing for OOo 3.1 dba31b in DEV300m33 : dba31e in DEV300m37 : Further dba issue fixing dba31f in DEV300m38 : Further bugfixing doccustomproperties2 in DEV300m29 : New document properties page: custom properties page replaces user defined page dr63 in DEV300m33 : Calc 3.1 fixes extmgrui06 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for extension manager frmdlg in DEV300m39 : Extract of the formula editor from calc into a new module formula fwk92 in DEV300m38 : Framework fixes for OOo3.1 fwk98 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for 3.1 gh15 in DEV300m30 : testtool bugs and features 2008 hcshared19 in DEV300m37 : Help CWS for 3.1 iconupdate310 in DEV300m39 : Icon-Bugfixes for OOo 3.1 impress147 in DEV300m39 : Misc Impress improvements impressfontsize in DEV300m38 : implement font grow and shrink toolbar buttons in impress kashidafix in DEV300m39 : Fixes various Arabic related issues. locales31 in DEV300m39 : New locales and locale data for OOo3.1 macmenusquit in DEV300m39 : This cws aims to remove the useless Quit, About and Options entries in the menus, on Mac OS X Aqua only mav43 in DEV300m39 : New file locking implementation. menuchanges in DEV300m39 : some main menu changes to improve uniformity native216 in DEV300m39 : Adding new bundled extension to OOo 3.1 notes7 in DEV300m39 : writer notes implementation and fixes for 3.1 odff05 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of new spreadsheet functions and behavior for ODFF compliance. os117 in DEV300m33 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1 os120 in DEV300m35 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1 os121 in DEV300m38 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1 os123 in DEV300m39 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1 outlinelevel in DEV300m39 : Introduce a new paragraph and paragraph style attribute, named “outline level”, to transform a normal paragraph directly ... overline3 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of overline rtlchart01 in DEV300m37 : bi-directional writing for charts rtlchart02 in DEV300m38 : Axis Positioning in Charts rtlcontrols in DEV300m38 : RTL Controls sqlsyntaxhighlighting in DEV300m37 : SQL syntax highlighting for base sysui36 in DEV300m38 : sysui 3.1 task tl56_DEV300 in DEV300m38 : Ongoing implementation of grammar checking framework vcl92 in DEV300m33 : 3.1 issues vcl97 in DEV300m39 : assorted 3.1 fixes

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