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Here are the features and enhancements, which were integrated in OOo 3.1. All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since DEV300m29 - build ID 9339 - to DEV300mX. These list is more technical orientated and isn't a release note for OOo 3.1. This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

What's new ?

Component : Drawing

  • 28526 : Allow anti-aliasing of drawing objects
    • Description : Allow anti-aliasing of drawing objects ('Round Circles'). All DrawingLayer based Graphical Objects will use AntiAliasing in EditMode. This will work in all Applications which use DrawingLayer Objects. This will work on all supported Systems and will be the default.

There is an Option in Tools/Options/View to disable this feature, also it is possible to switch it off in the configuration. For Details how to do this, please see the specification.

  • 89661 : Giving text objects a discernible selection border
    • Description : Text objects are extremely hard to move with the mouse, as a four-pixel wide invisible line has to be hit - even harder, when they are rotated. Based on a patch provided by THB which needed quite some tweaks, text objects from DrawingLayer now use the same hatched border as during edit mode. This also expands the hit area for selecting a text object. Thus, two goals are targeted here for software ergonomic: ...
    • Feature Announcement : http://graphics.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=214
    • Specification : http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=89661
    • Test case specification :
    • CWS : aw058 integrated in DEV300m36

  • 88893 : New look for selection: transparency
    • Description :
    • Feature Announcement :
    • Specification :
    • Test case specification :
    • CWS : aw058 integrated in DEV300m36

  • 95646 : Unify DrawObject modification with full attributes
    • Description : Unify DrawObject modification with full attributes. Interaction with DrawObjects will now show enhanced interaction

visualisation to provide an ergonomically better feedback for the user. Instead of wireframe visualisation there will now be shown a transparent interaction preview on top of the current display whenever possible. This will be the defualt from now. This will work in all Applications using Drawing Objects from the DrawingLayer. This is done for Obejct Creation and for all Object Modifications (Move, scale, shear, mirror, distort, etc...). ...

Component : Graphic System Layer (GSL)

CWS with changes UI and/or online help

Here are all Child Work Spaces [CWS] are listed which are integrated since DEV300m30 and which are relevant for UI changes, Feature integration, changes in Online Help or for translation :

alf01 in DEV300m38 : Added limited docking window support for extensions.
aw058 in DEV300m36 : BugFixing CWS for DEV300
aw059 in DEV300m39 : UI and InterAction (IA) changes for DrawingLayer for 3.1
calc47 in DEV300m38 : General Calc implementation and fixes for OOo3.1
chart22 in DEV300m29 : Plotting of missing values
dba31a in DEV300m30 : Ongong bug fixing for OOo 3.1
dba31b in DEV300m33 :
dba31e in DEV300m37 : Further dba issue fixing
dba31f in DEV300m38 : Further bugfixing
doccustomproperties2 in DEV300m29 : New document properties page: custom properties page replaces user defined page
dr63 in DEV300m33 : Calc 3.1 fixes
extmgrui06 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for extension manager
frmdlg in DEV300m39 : Extract of the formula editor from calc into a new module formula
fwk92 in DEV300m38 : Framework fixes for OOo3.1
fwk98 in DEV300m36 : Bugfixes for 3.1
gh15 in DEV300m30 : testtool bugs and features 2008
hcshared19 in DEV300m37 : Help CWS for 3.1
iconupdate310 in DEV300m39 : Icon-Bugfixes for OOo 3.1
impress147 in DEV300m39 : Misc Impress improvements
impressfontsize in DEV300m38 : implement font grow and shrink toolbar buttons in impress
kashidafix in DEV300m39 : Fixes various Arabic related issues.
locales31 in DEV300m39 : New locales and locale data for OOo3.1
macmenusquit in DEV300m39 : This cws aims to remove the useless Quit, About and Options entries in the menus, on Mac OS X Aqua only
mav43 in DEV300m39 : New file locking implementation
menuchanges in DEV300m39 : some main menu changes to improve uniformity
native216 in DEV300m39 : Adding new bundled extension to OOo 3.1
notes7 in DEV300m39 : writer notes implementation and fixes for 3.1
odff05 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of new spreadsheet functions and behavior for ODFF compliance.
os117 in DEV300m33 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os120 in DEV300m35 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os121 in DEV300m38 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
os123 in DEV300m39 : Bugfixing OOo 3.1
outlinelevel in DEV300m39 : Introduce a new paragraph and paragraph style attribute, named “outline level”, to transform a normal paragraph directly ...
overline3 in DEV300m39 : Implementation of overline
rtlchart01 in DEV300m37 : bi-directional writing for charts
rtlchart02 in DEV300m38 : Axis Positioning in Charts
rtlcontrols in DEV300m38 : RTL Controls
sqlsyntaxhighlighting in DEV300m37 : SQL syntax highlighting for base
sysui36 in DEV300m38 : sysui 3.1 task
tl56_DEV300 in DEV300m38 : Ongoing implementation of grammar checking framework
vcl92 in DEV300m33 : 3.1 issues
vcl97 in DEV300m39 : assorted 3.1 fixes

Links to Features and Enhancements for OOo 3.1

Link to all feature issues which are integrated in OOo 3.1 only - currently 28 issues
Link to all enhancement issues which are integrated in OOo 3.1 only - currently 110 issues

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