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Feature testing for OOo 3.0

Here are the features and enhancements, which were integrated in OOo 3.0 (Beta). All the listed issues are announced in the release notes for the developer snapshots since SRC680m242 to DEV300mX. These list is more technical orientated and isn't a release note for OOo 3.0 (Beta). This list could and should be used for testing and checking the new features in general or for translation purposes.

What's new ?

Component : Chart

Component : Base / Database Access

  • 67987 : let the "Address Book Data Source Wizard" use a roadmap
    • Description : With the integration of CWS odbmacros2, the "Address Book Data Source Wizard" (the one which helps you created a database document for your address data) will use a roadmap (a left-hand-side control displaying all steps of the wizard). (this is only a cheap side effect of some other change which happened in this CWS.)
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=221
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : odbmacros2 integrated in DEV300m2

  • 69740 : API: Add ability to find which table(s) or query(s) are currently selected in the main Base window
    • Description : The controller of the database application window now supports the com.sun.star.view.XSelectionSupplier interface. The method getSelection return an Any which contains a Sequence of NamedValue. 1st NamedValue: Name = "Type" Value is an integer with values from com.sun.star.sdb.application.DatabaseObject which indicates which kind of object is currently selected. 2nd NamedValue: Name = "Selection" Value is a sequence of strings which are currently selected in the view. Value = Sequence < Strings > === selected names
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=213
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba24e integrated in SRC680m245

  •  : Database / Insert Menu, new menu item

  •  : Database / Edit Menu / Delete Record
    • Description : The table data view of a table now has a menu entry Edit->Delete Record. This command deletes the current selected row (this excludes the row when inserting a new one).
    • Feature Announcement : http://dba.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=223
    • Specification : --
    • Test case specification : --
    • CWS : dba30a integrated in DEV300m2

Component : Drawing

Component : Framework

  • 84309 : remove pkgchk
    • Description : The pkgchk tool has been deprecated in favor of the unopkg tool a long time ago, and for quite some time pkgchk has been nonfunctional (only giving an error message that unopkg should be used instead): finally remove it completely.
    • Feature Announcement : http://framework.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=features&msgNo=275
    • Specification : - -
    • Test case specification : - -
    • CWS : sb83 integrated in DEV300m4

  • 86352 : Add options button from print dialog to printer setup dialog

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