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Release builds of Extensions (Draft)

The release of OpenOffice.org extensions is done independently from the OpenOffice.org Release Schedule.


  • To keep the build time of the OpenOffice.org core product small, extensions - if not bundled with the Core product - should not be in the regular workspace of the OpenOffice.org build.
  • To keep extensions buildable it is necessary to have them on the same workspace as the needed tools (solver).
  • To keep the release schedule of the extensions independent from the OpenOffice.org release schedule, extensions should not be part of the regular code of the OpenOffice.org product. This may be achieved by having an own workspace or simply be having own, separate modules.
  • To keep the release schedule of the extensions independent from the OpenOffice.org release schedule there should be an own 'target' in issuezilla and EIS.
  • For every release of OpenOffice.org there will be an environment ( sdk + solver ) to get the extension built. (To be done: which extensions need more than sdk for building ? if solver dependent, then regular build is needed.) For the development of C++ extensions there will be an WindowsIntel, MacOSXIntel, Solarisx86 and SolarisSparc, Linuxx86 environment (other environments to be added soon).
  • For every new release of OpenOffice.org all existing extensions will get recompiled (and tested ?). A new extension will be build on the latest available OOo release even if a lower baseline can be used.
  • Open: Development snapshots / automated builds
    • open: development builds vs. release builds (stripping)
  • Open: QA process and schedule
    • required: automated QA
  • Open: Localization process and schedule
  • Open/TBD: Development Model
    • Bugtracking - Target Milestones ?
    • Bugtracking - Component ?
    • Developing - branch/release model
    • Release from workspace, solver, ship volume ?
  • Open: Release Schedule

AI: list current extensions and their extensions.

  • mediawiki
  • presenter console
  • templates, gallery
  • presentation minimizer
  • pdf import


  • It is recommended to develop extensions in Java or other platform independent supported language so that the resulting extensions are able to run on every supported platform.


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