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This is currently just a proposal and no accepted process!

Translation test

  • These files show the current state of the translation.
  • The translation shown there is translation from drupal.
  • They need translations for strings regarding the extension site.
  • It contains only strings for menues, no extension descriptions.
  • This process is just used for a first test - I might expect some strange things if everything gets translated - so this needs to get tested.
  • File for german translation test: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/files/de.zip
    • Andreas Mantke started on 29.01.2008 with translation.
  • File for french translation test: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/files/fr.po.gz
    • Laurent Godard started on 17.01.2008

Translation rules

  • Special care has to be taken during translation by words starting with !, $, %, @ they have to appear as they are in the translation, too.
  • HTML commands in < and > has also to show up in teh translated string in the same way.

Getting translations from site for new languages (Admins only)

  • Source language is english
  • Extraction of translation template .pot file or .po file with partial translation from:


  • By selecting 'Used' from listbox 'Only already used strings'
  • There has to be removed some garbage from the end of the file '<script type="text/javascript" ...'
  • Source files are kept in OOo cvs as a reference: extensions/www/ooo-ext-website/drupal/translation/ui
  • Request of translations happens trough submitting an issue to me, TBO, since I have to enable the language in the system and some strings are already translated, and only then I can provide a file that has these translations already - about 50% are already translated.
  • Current known translation problems: some controls descriptions are not translateable - I have find the place where general widget translations will work.
  • There are also some strings that are there by error - some I already know, some not ;-) They should get removed by nid for all languages
  • If you think some string is not translateable, first check if it is realy not in the .po file/check with the drupal search form, then submit an issue with the english string.
  • Internaly every string in Drupal get's an id assigned 'lid'
  • It is possible to translate/check something from within a drupal formular by knowing the string: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/admin/settings/locale/string/search
  • Inside the .po file there is a hint for every string where it is used; This is either a pointer to the source file, or the url of the page where it appered.
  • Translation maintainig functions access rights can be granted on request for active helping of finding issues.
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