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This page is to gather Native-lang representative and volunteers coordinates regarding translation of extensions

Language Representative/volunteer
English There is no English Native Lang project but we will need a reviewer of what is submitted
French Sophie Gautier sgauti@openoffice.org
Laurent Godard laurentgodard@openoffice.org
German Andreas Mantke andreasma@openoffice.org
André Schnabel


Hungarian KAMI kami_@openoffice.org
Japanese Kazunari Hirano khirano@openoffice.org
Korean Jeongkyu Kim - jeongkyu@openoffice.org
Snooey - sople1@snooey.net
Polish Marcin Miłkowski milek_pl@openoffice.org
Spanish Alexandro Colorado - jza@openoffice.org
Slovenian Vito Smolej - smolejv@openoffice.org
Simplified Chinese Lin Cheng - forestcheng@openoffice.org
Vietnamese Clytie Siddall - clytie@riverland.net.au
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