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[10:01]	<b_osi_>	Hi.
[10:03]	<mdamboldt>	Hi
[10:04]	<mdamboldt>	b_osi: Is it just us two?
[10:04]	<b_osi_>	Just a party of two, I think we can skip the acrtion items and talk about templates.s.oo.o
[10:04]	<mdamboldt>	I don't have anything for todays meeting related to extensions site.
[10:05]	<b_osi_>	Me neither.
[10:05]	<mdamboldt>	So what is the status about preview generation for the template repository?
[10:06]	<b_osi_>	I took as an example the inside image: http://templates.services.openoffice.org/node/22
[10:06]	-->|	bettina-h (n=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-99ae6c2c0ecf1f0e) has joined #ooo-ext
[10:08]	<b_osi_>	So, due to time I will use the inside image, since I do not see to make it possible in the timeframe, and due to other things to do, to get the StarOffice server PDF converter running.
[10:08]	<bettina-h>	Sorry for being late, I had a doctors appointment.
[10:09]	<mdamboldt>	b_osi: The preview image at http://templates.services.openoffice.org/node/22 looks exactly what I would have expected. I can perfectly imagine what the content of this template looks like. Thats cool!!! Of course one or the other might complain about the resultion / image quality. But as a first shot it is great I think and something we can really use as a starting point and to show it to everybody.
[10:09]	<mdamboldt>	b_osi: So it's not generated but it's the included image what I see in you example?
[10:09]	<b_osi_>	yes
[10:10]	<b_osi_>	And as i did it, it is not much wasted work, since the infrastrukture to save it ionto the system would be the same.
[10:10]	<mdamboldt>	b_osi: And it has been put into the repository manually or was it already generated when uploading the file?
[10:12]	<b_osi_>	It is not the final way I wanted it how this was generated, but yes it went there automatical, but only in the detailed view, the image is not scaled down for the overview, whhere the smaller image is required, but I think I will get it today.
[10:14]	<mdamboldt>	Awesom!
[10:14]	<mdamboldt>	So if everything runs fine we can continue to spend the next week on working on the page layout to get it more in the direction of Bettina's mockups and to fix minor other issues, for example to display English text when English is the selected as page language.
[10:15]	<b_osi_>	yes, So plans are to get the image submitting in the final way, today - polish the UI to the mockups, monday - check the langugae dependant tags/submitting language...
[10:15]	<mdamboldt>	Currently the page setting top right is "English" but on the left side I can read Tags like "STICKWÖRTER" and "Geschäftliches".
[10:15]	<b_osi_>	thats what i mean with : check the langugae dependant tags/submitting language...
[10:15]	<mdamboldt>	Sounds good.
[10:16]	<mdamboldt>	bettina-h: Anything else you like to raise?
[10:16]	<b_osi_>	for the ui I'm quite confidence now, because i found all interfaces to use for it...
[10:17]	<mdamboldt>	Didn't we talk about removing odie and garfield some time ago? I don't remember what we decided that time. Does anybody of you?
[10:18]	<b_osi_>	should we? nothing was specified;
[10:19]	<mdamboldt>	Hmm, maybe my memory was wron.
[10:19]	<mdamboldt>	We may simply do so by end of next week...
[10:20]	<b_osi_>	I would hav eto talk to stefan h about that, so everything looks good for goggle ;-) and I need the tracking code from him.
[10:20]	<bettina-h>	mdamboldt: Who is going to present it on OOo?
[10:20]	<bettina-h>	You said, "we will prsent it there".
[10:21]	<mdamboldt>	bettina-h: I don't know, thought you would know....
[10:22]	<mdamboldt>	I need to check...
[10:23]	<bettina-h>	Maybe we can add it to the session features for OOo; the problem is a small timeframe. At least I'll mention it with entering the site.
[10:23]	<bettina-h>	We have a lot of features to present there.
[10:24]	<bettina-h>	I'll try to put it in.
[10:24]	<mdamboldt>	Ok
[10:24]	<b_osi_>	something else?
[10:25]	<mdamboldt>	No
[10:26]	<b_osi_>	bettina-h: ?
[10:26]	<bettina-h>	No.
[10:26]	<b_osi_>	ok, bye.
[10:26]	<bettina-h>	bye.
[10:26]	<mdamboldt>	Ok, bye! Talk to you later as soon as there are any updates for the site.
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