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(10:04:41) b_osi: Hi there, with wintertime, it would be ok to start, but unfortunately was our meeting time speziefied as UTC, that would nowadays be 11:00 CEST ....
(10:06:52) mdamboldt: Hm, to keep the same time slot I would propose to re-schedule it back to 9am GMT.
(10:07:53) bettina-h: Yes, why not?
(10:09:23) b_osi: It is also ok with me. Do we expect any active partticipation guests today?
(10:09:49) mdamboldt: No one I'm aware of.
(10:12:43) b_osi: so if we ping lgodard , we would start
(10:12:49) b_osi: lgodard: ping ....
(10:12:57) lgodard: b_osi: pong
(10:13:32) lgodard: i'm here
(10:13:41) b_osi: ok, seems nobody is inetrrested in CEST, meeting will be the same timeslot in europe at 10:00 CEST next times
(10:14:16) b_osi: meeting time; 2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content, TBO
(10:14:31) b_osi: still in progress;
(10:14:48) lgodard: b_osi: any involvement ?
(10:15:11) lgodard: b_osi: do you need a new pass from french/l10n teams ?
(10:15:30) b_osi: there was something II was not aware of: you can already choose your language in your user settings.
(10:15:57) b_osi: I'm still looking for some not translated gaps, and why they are not translated...
(10:16:48) b_osi: 1_2007-11-15: Send mail to submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English JSC
(10:16:52) lgodard: do you need some report from fench user (eg.) reporting the non translated string ?
(10:17:12) b_osi: we can now put it of the agenda, I talked to JSC, and he send already the mails.
(10:17:42) b_osi: 1_2008_02_28: Provide a draft regarding enhancement of the extension site to provide also single templates and cliparts. BH
(10:17:48) b_osi: BH, any news?
(10:17:55) bettina-h: Yes.
(10:18:00) bettina-h: tipp...
(10:18:38) bettina-h: It will be integrated in several steps. For the 3.0 we had feature freeze,
(10:19:17) lgodard: what is the exact purpose of this ?
(10:20:05) lgodard: is there any need to modify OOo ?
(10:20:20) bettina-h: so we will start the template site as next step, without integrating it into Office, or at least a bit, evaluation is ongoing, I'll come back with concrete things in the next IRC.
(10:20:24) lgodard: can't we package on-the-fly any templates required ?
(10:20:39) lgodard: as extensions (add dome text file and zip)
(10:20:48) mdamboldt: lgodard: Didn't you had the discussion with Martin Hollmichel last time and the result was to come back with a draft?
(10:21:29) lgodard: mdamboldt: yes, but no news. and still wondering if submitting from OOo is a must have
(10:21:46) lgodard: bettina-h: ok, thx
(10:22:01) mdamboldt: lgodard: What do you mean by "submitting from OOo"?
(10:22:13) bettina-h: Martin, Martin H. has handed over this project to me. So a draft will come next IRC from me.
(10:22:28) lgodard: bettina-h: ok
(10:22:39) bettina-h: In principle it will be the followimg---
(10:22:45) lgodard: mdamboldt: i have a nice template, i click "share this" and go ...
(10:23:06) mdamboldt: bettina-h: Thats good. It might explain all or at least a lot of the questions which are coming up.
(10:23:21) lgodard: mdamboldt: but may be done as an extension for a first approach
(10:23:27) bettina-h: Yes logard, in such a way I think too, but not for 3.0, that needs to be done for the next release.
(10:23:32) lgodard: bettina-h: ok, waiting for Matin's draft
(10:23:36) mdamboldt: lgodard: Oh, I didn't notice that its planned that way around do.
(10:23:56) lgodard: bettina-h: but think to the extension way of doing it
(10:24:09) lgodard: (even if installed definitivelly in next releases)
(10:26:32) b_osi: anything else to this topic?...
(10:26:58) lgodard: b_osi: ok for me
(10:27:08) lgodard: as i proposed, i volunteeer
(10:27:20) lgodard: to read a preview version from Martin
(10:27:54) mdamboldt: lgodard: You mean Bettina!??! (I'm littel confused right now...)
(10:28:21) bettina-h: yes, Its's me.
(10:28:28) lgodard: bettina-h: ok, sorry :)
(10:28:36) lgodard: proposition still goes ;)
(10:29:51) bettina-h: Have  we finished for today?
(10:29:55) b_osi: round table, somebody?
(10:30:05) lgodard: yes
(10:30:18) lgodard: question on the mailing list, regarding new design
(10:30:46) bettina-h: Wait until the draft has come.
(10:30:47) lgodard: Can someone from Design (Stella or other) make a proposal to better
(10:30:47) lgodard: fit the design of extensions website into the new look of
(10:30:47) lgodard: www.openoffice.org ?
(10:30:47) lgodard: I think just a "rebarnding" of the header will be enough.
(10:31:10) lgodard: from Mathias
(10:31:12) lgodard: Michel
(10:31:25) bettina-h: Not now, It does not make sense without concept, that comes with the proposal.
(10:31:53) lgodard: bettina-h: regarding the design ?
(10:32:02) mdamboldt: bettina-h: Waht do you mean?
(10:32:19) bettina-h: Design comes last, first functionality. The way aoround makes no sense.
(10:32:40) lgodard: bettina-h: we hae functionality on the extensions website
(10:32:45) lgodard: hae/have
(10:33:20) bettina-h: Let's discuss the proposal, and not start earlier.
(10:33:39) lgodard: bettina-h: sorry, i do not understand
(10:33:59) b_osi: bettina-h: we finished teplate topic, we talkk about the new design on openoffice.org and adapt it also for extension site
(10:34:11) lgodard: bettina-h: we left the template site topic
(10:34:20) bettina-h: oh, sorry.
(10:34:26) lgodard: bettina-h: :)
(10:34:36) mdamboldt: bettina-h: I don't see any reason why we should not allign the Extension Site right now with the new OOo Site colors. From my point of view it would be a very low effort to exhchange some parts of the bitmaps.
(10:34:49) mdamboldt: Ah!
(10:34:52) lgodard: mdamboldt: low effort = effort
(10:34:55) lgodard: but i agree
(10:35:08) mdamboldt: lgodard: sure
(10:35:41) mdamboldt: I will talk to Stella about this and ask her for available ressources.
(10:35:56) lgodard: mdamboldt: great :) an AI for yu ;)
(10:36:00) b_osi: ok AI goes to md
(10:36:00) mdamboldt: b_osi: please give an AI to my
(10:36:12) ***mdamboldt do I get three now :)
(10:36:28) b_osi: ok something else?
(10:36:31) lgodard: yes :)
(10:36:35) bettina-h: Martin, I did not speak against alingning the extension site with the OOoweb site. The misunderstanding has been ressolved.
(10:36:52) mdamboldt: bettina-h: I read that :)
(10:37:12) mdamboldt: b_osi: Nothing from me
(10:37:15) lgodard: what about dynamic part translations and extensions themselves ?
(10:37:29) lgodard: eg. how is transmated the Sun report builder ?
(10:37:44) lgodard: any framework/methodology that can be re-used ?
(10:37:59) lgodard: transmated/translated
(10:38:26) b_osi: later ... I had a look onto it, and if we want to export and import such translation, then you have to start on your own with a new module ...
(10:39:28) b_osi: lgodard:  Sun report builder is translated?
(10:39:52) b_osi: lgodard:  ahh you mean the extension itself, not the appearing on the site?
(10:40:04) lgodard: b_osi: yes, the extension itself
(10:41:28) b_osi: I don't have any information about how to translate extensions.
(10:41:39) lgodard: b_osi: ok
(10:41:49) lgodard: I'll ask jsc
(10:42:20) b_osi: finished?
(10:42:25) lgodard: ok for me
(10:42:33) b_osi: 3...
(10:42:47) b_osi: 2...
(10:43:00) b_osi: 1....
(10:43:17) b_osi: then bye until in 2 weeks....
(10:43:20) mdamboldt: bye
(10:43:21) bettina-h: bye
(10:43:22) lgodard: bye
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