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10:10–10:17 CET


  • Bettina Haberer (IRC: bettina-h)
  • Thorsten Bosbach (IRC: b_osi)
  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)

Minute Taker: TBO (ST, MD, NF, JSC, BH, TBO, lgodard)

Action Items

Action Items
Item Owner Status Due Date
2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content TBO in progress
3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content JSC stalled after 2_2007-10-04
1_2007-11-15: Send mail to submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English JSC new

Comments on Action Items

  • 2_2007-10-04: some text strings from the german and french community were submitted.

Round Table

  • Next meeting is on 2008-02-28.

IRC Details

not available

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