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[10:20]	<bettina-h>	@bosi: What is the status about 2_2007-10-04?
[10:20]	<bettina-h>	bosi?
[10:21]	<bosi>	yes, a little slow this morning... Is in progress, waiting for german community to hand over some strings to translate, for a first test...
[10:23]	<bettina-h>	Ok, well since the last meeting there are no open action items. Is there anything else as topic?
[10:24]	<bettina-h>	The only further new one belongs to JSC, who is no present.
[10:24]	<bettina-h>	Does anyone have a status about that, bosi perhaps?
[10:25]	<bosi>	sorry, no.
[10:25]	<bettina-h>	@mdamboldt1: Do you have a topic for today?
[10:25]	<mdambold1>	no
[10:26]	<bettina-h>	So if there is nothing else we can close the meeting for today.
[10:26]	<mdambold1>	bye
[10:26]	<bettina-h>	bye.
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