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10:00–10:35 CEST


  • Bettina Haberer
  • Joachim Lingner
  • Jürgen Schmidt
  • Kai Sommerfeld
  • Martin Damboldt
  • Stefan Taxhet
  • Thorsten Bosbach
  • Nils Fuhrmann
  • Stella Schulze
  • Laurent Godard

Minute Taker: NF next (KSO, ST, TBO, STS, JL, JSC, MD, BH, NF)

Action Items

Action Items
Item Owner Status Due Date
1_2007-7-5: How could an update feed be generated on the extensions.services.opennoffice.org site? TBO open 2007-8-9
5_2007-7-5: Prepare Notification of Extension Owners about Site ST open 2007-8-1
7_2007-7-5: Prepare an example full feature download extension, to review the presentation of the extension TBO, STS Stalled 2007-08-09
1_2007-7-12: Martin will find out about license conditions for using anti virus software on the extension website. MD Stalled
2_2007-7-19: take care of appropriate input for the new getmore page ST in progress 2007-08-09
1_2007-7-26: find out whether there is a size limit when submitting extensions into the repository MD Open
2_2007-7-26: investigate on lossed platform fields for submitting extensions MD/TBO Open 2007-08-09
3_2007-7-26: create links to point people to the extension section of the developers guide within the extension repository JSC/TBO In progress 2007-08-09
1_2007-8-03: Compile content about versioning, naming etc. of extensions for the documentation MD Open
1_2007-8-09: Add number of people rated TBO new
2_2007-8-09: Correct layout when image is visible within the overview TBO new
3_2007-8-09: Solve upload issue TBO new

Comments on Action Items

  • 3_2007-7-26: Juergen send out the links. Needs some further communication with Thorsten to reflect the links with some extra words to the site.


  • Juergen: Open Cards extension was uploaded to the site. Looks like there is a bug within the layout when a image is visible within the overview. The alignment of the rating is incorrect. Thorsten to take a look on this.
  • Juergen: The number of people rated is not visible. This needs to be added to get user a better understanding about the rating. AI Thorsten
  • Nils: Martin Hollmichel tried to upload a developer snapshot of the ReportBuilder. He failed and had to place the binaries on a external resource. Thorsten to take a look on this issue.

Round Table

  • We had a short conversation about how to proceed regarding the developer, user and provider documentation for the site. We agreed that high volume documentation should be nested within the wiki and the links should be available on the site. Small docuemntation (such as the user resources) should be available on the site directly. The corresponding owners of the documentation will take care of this (Juergen: developer, Bettina: user, Thorsten: provider)
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