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The "Official" TODO list

The link for the development site is: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/
The link for the superseded alpha website is: http://www.cusoo.org/extensions/ooo-ext-website/. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE IS NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT; DROPPED IN FAVOUR OF A DRUPAL BASED SYSTEM.
For reference only, the database layout for the original system is available here: Extensions/website-db
Everything on this page is subject to revision and interpretation, and refers to the LATEST drupal-based development website, for which the progress meters below have been reset. At this stage, many of the meters below have been antiquated by the shift to drupal. In the coming weeks this will be made to represent the drupal system.

A more detailed list is at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website

For Milestone 1: Alpha

Ready for alpha review. All/Most fundamental functions should now be workable, although may be a little hacked and contrived. The user interface in many instances will be incomplete. This is the starting point with drupal.
  • 100% - Design database layout. Drupal does the job.
  • 100% - Create dynamic listing of available extensions.
  • 100% - Allow user login.
  • 100% - Allow users to upload/delete/modify their extensions.
  • 100% - Graphical administration of site.
  • 100% - Graphical install/configuration of site.
  • 100% - Register as a new user - only login/password/email for a first shoot
  • 0% - Complete the upload backend, and make ready for uploading of multiple previews, categories etc.
  • 100% - Search and sorting functions.
  • 0% - Add functional categories.
  • 0% - Add Graphical interface to translations <NOTE: Database already optimised for easy translation>
  • 0% - Review milestone code, adding preliminary commenting, indenting and optimisation.

For Milestone 3-1: Beta 1

First wide feedback - Advanced Features should be fully operable, and configurable. This Milestone is more of a generic review of code for security flaws and optimisations. All submited extensions would have to be preserved for subsequent changes
  • 0% - Organize user feedback.
  • 10% - Web service for extensions integration. (see Extensions update features)(Provide an atom update feed to the extension manager in OOo.)
  • 0% - Code Review - Make neat and tidy + streamlined.
  • 0% - Code Review - Ensure there are no security flaws.
  • 100% - Theme overhaul

For Milestone 4: Release Candidate

If all goes well, there should be no need to change much.

Target is planned for end of august.

  • 0% - Intensive Bug Testing.
  • 0% - Fix Bugs that emerge during testing.
  • 100% - Integration with OOo Extension manager. (starting with OOo 2.3 there is a link called "Get more Extensions" within the extension manager dialog of OOo)
  • 0% - Hide/remove test entries

For Milestone 5: Code Cleanup and Final Preparation for public consumption

First end user release is targeted at least for OOoCon 2007 middle of september.

  • 0% - All done

For Milestone 6: Multilingual features

  • 0% - Site translation - refer to native-langs groups
  • 0% - upload different translated fields for an extension
  • 0% - Allow volunteers to translate (if uploader gives permission)

Issues concerning the website which need to be decided by a vote/discussion

Just add your thoughts below, and put your signature after them.

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