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Calc Add-ins

Function to return roots of quadratic equation

Formerly bug 122171

Quadratic equation ax^2+bx+c=0

Proposed added function:

  • quadratic(a,b,c,1) will return (-b+sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)
  • quadratic(a,b,c,2) will return (-b-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)
  • error if complex root

Numerical integration - Simpson's rules

Formerly bug 122202

Given: equally spaced x values, x0 till xn and respective function values in two columns

  • Three points n=2: Simpson's 1/3 ruleFunction
 Simp13 = (x2-x0)*(f(x0)+4f(x1)+f(x2))/6
  • Four points n=3: Simpson's 3/8 ruleFunction
 Simp38 = (x3-x0)*(f(x0)+3f(x1)+3f(x2)+f(x3))/8
  • Five points n=4: Simpson's 1/3 rule on first and last three points
  • Six points n=5: Simpson's 1/3 rule on first three points and Simpson's 3/8 rule on last last four points
  • etc.

Function to return astrological sign

Proposed added function:

  • astrosign(19/07/2013)=Cancer

Function to return calling code

Proposed added function:

  • callcode(Colombia)=57

Function to return chemical compound formula

Proposed added function:

  • chemform(water)=H2O

Resistor color code calculator

Proposed added function:

  • rescol(brown,red,orange)=12000 (ohm)

Newton Raphson solver

Proposed added function: given f(x)=0, d/dx(f(x))

  • newraph(x,f(x),d/dx(f(x)),eps)=x-f(x)/(d/dx(f(x))

eps=convergence criteria

Secant solver

Proposed added function: given f(x)=0 (unlike Newton Raphson, function derivative not given)

  • secant(x_i-1,x_i,f(x),eps)=x_i-(f(x_i)*(x_i-1-x_i))/(f(x_i-1)-f(x_i))

eps=convergence criteria

Function to return RAL color

Proposed added function:

  • ral(2004) will color selection in "pure orange"

see link:

Thunderbird contacts

Extension to make a list of contacts in Thunderbird.

Create a function to find out the background color of a cell

I would like there to be a function that returns the background color of a cell. If the color is best described as an RGB set (0-255, or whatever), then there can be three arguments (location & RGB color).ie: bgcolor(row,column,RGBcolor) -returns the component (0-255) of the cell(row,column)so =color(25,16,RED) would return the RED component of cell(25,16). If the argument RED isn't a defined constant, simply establish a standard code (RED=1, GREEN=2, BLUE=3)Thanks,Will

Provide a RICHTEXT() function for dynamic text formatting of formula output in cells

Formerly bug 105612

See Bugzilla description.

ASAP Utilities

Formerly bug 122837

Linear interpolation

Formerly bug 95135 See Bugzilla description.

Statistical summary tool

Formerly bug 89980 See Bugzilla description.

Image metadata function

Formerly bug 112459 See Bugzilla description.

Series function

Formerly bug 108640 A function to create and print brief series in calc!

Increased date range

Formerly bug 92996

Increase date handling range to year 1000 with option for users to enter date atwhich calendars changed between Julian and Gregorian and by how much (e.g. UK1752 by 30 days)


Formerly bug 81726


Formerly bug 123916


Formerly bug 122608

Functions to return first or last non null value

Formerly bug 108441

Formula comparison

Formerly bug 109178

Export as MediaWiki

Formerly bug 102704

Copy/Paste CSV file

Formerly bug 91425

Writer Add-ins

Revision history as auto generated index

Formerly bug 49963

Per-session statistics

Formerly bug 16121

PDF Merging

Formerly bug 75470

Report builder

Formerly bug 108115


Formerly bug 17881

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