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Calc Add-ins

Function to return roots of quadratic equation

Formerly bug 122171

Quadratic function ax^2+bx+c=0

Proposed added function:

  • quadratic(a,b,c,1) will return (-b+sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)
  • quadratic(a,b,c,2) will return (-b-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)

Numerical integration - Simpson's rules

Formerly bug 122202

Given: equally spaced x values, x0 till xn and respective function values in two columns

  • Three points n=2: Simpson's 1/3 ruleFunction
 Simp13 = (x2-x0)*(f(x0)+4f(x1)+f(x2))/6
  • Four points n=3: Simpson's 3/8 ruleFunction
 Simp38 = (x3-x0)*(f(x0)+3f(x1)+3f(x2)+f(x3))/8
  • Five points n=4: Simpson's 1/3 rule on first and last three points
  • Six points n=5: Simpson's 1/3 rule on first three points and Simpson's 3/8 rule on last last four points
  • etc.
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