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| Specify [[Uno/Binary/Spec/Threading-Architecture|Binary Uno Threading-Architecture]] || style="background:lightyellow;" | draft
| Specify [[Uno/Binary/Spec/Threading-Architecture|Binary Uno Threading-Architecture]] || style="background:lightyellow;" | draft
| [[Uno/Effort/Binary/Adapt Threading-Architecture|Adapt Binary Uno Threading-Architecture]] || style="background:lightyellow;" | in progress
| [[Uno/Effort/Binary/Adapt Threading-Architecture|Adapt Binary Uno Threading-Architecture]] || style="background:red;" | stalled
| [[Effort/Make VCL Thread-Transparent|Make VCL Thread-Transparent]] || style="background:lightyellow;" | in progress ({{Uno/CWS|SRC680|utf2}})
| [[Effort/Make VCL Thread-Transparent|Make VCL Thread-Transparent]] || style="background:red;" | stalled ({{Uno/CWS|SRC680|utf2}})
| [[Effort/Implement Basic Threading-Architecture|Implement OOo threading-architecture]] || style="background:lightyellow;" | in progress ({{Uno/CWS|SRC680|utf2}})
| [[Effort/Implement Basic Threading-Architecture|Implement OOo threading-architecture]] || style="background:red;" | stalled ({{Uno/CWS|SRC680|utf2}})
| [[Effort/Clean Up Anachronistic Threading Constructs]] || style="background:lightblue;" |open
| [[Effort/Clean Up Anachronistic Threading Constructs]] || style="background:lightblue;" |open

Latest revision as of 13:46, 7 January 2009

Type: Effort Status: suspended Owner: Kay Ramme

The OOo Threading Effort attempts to clean-up OOos threading-model (how to use threads) and to implement a specified threading-architecture (where and when to use threads), providing an overview and documentation of the threads used in OOo. Further improvement is planned to be implemented in another effort, eventually leading to an advanced threading-architecture.


More or less frequently people complain about OOo with respect to multi-threading. Either because it is complicated to implement a service, or that there is only few documentation, or that the Uno API is not thread safe, or that it does not scale etc.


Analyse the current state. Find and propose a solution, ideally based on Uno, and implement it.

Time Frame

Unfortunately, this effort is currently suspended due to other topics. It hopefully gets resumed after finishing Packaging.


The below list of efforts and tasks shows what needs to be done.

Title State
Analyse OOo Multi-Threading finished
Architecture/Goals for OOo Threading-Model&-Architecture finished
Define OOo threading-model finished
Define OOo threading-architecture draft
Specify extended Uno Threading-Model finished
Extend Binary Uno Threading-Model finished (bunoexttm)
Specify Binary Uno Threading-Architecture draft
Adapt Binary Uno Threading-Architecture stalled
Make VCL Thread-Transparent stalled (utf2)
Implement OOo threading-architecture stalled (utf2)
Effort/Clean Up Anachronistic Threading Constructs open
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