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Suggestions of improvements

To interface OOo and Maxima

If a footbridge were imagined, by macros, between Maxima and writer to insert calculations and results of Maximum in a text? My opinion: one will come there, the question is in how many years…

Brief replies: when I have the answer to how to interface with lisp (Maximum is written in Lisp), then I promise to do this.

Ericb 12:07, 25 December 2007 (CET)

Outline view and Open Office

I believe that several solutions exist and this subject interests me.

  • To use Texmaker and import by removing the beacons.
  • To use Freemind and export in Writer (it is already envisaged in FreeMind)

The management of plagiarism

Or how to show quickly that one has to make with simple copy to stick

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