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[Education project]
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Education project: the official site

Welcome to the Education project !

[Français] Pour bien commencer - Cliquer ici pour lire la version française

[Bengali] কি করে যোগদান করবেন ক্লিক করুন বাংলায় পড়ার জন্য

[Japanese] ( to be translated in your locale)

[中文] 如何开始 阅读中文版请点击这里

[Italien] ( to be translated in your locale)

translate the welcome and add your locale !!

The Education project Team

Page under construction. You are welcome to contribute :-)

If you have urgent questions, or need informations, please join us on our IRC chat channel.

Server is : 

Channel is   (english)

Please remember the #

See you on the IRC chat :-)

Or subscribe to the mailing list:

=> [Subscribe to the mailing list]

Short News from the subprojects

This is the place to provide updates and news about projects under the Education Project. To create a news item simply set the project name in bold before the news content. Please write in English only and add the latest item over the last one.

(rbircher December 13th 2007) Project Switzerland We start searching people for a association in Switzerland

(rbircher December 10th 2007) Website: Nicolas Jeudy working on the layout

Education Project Effort

Idea based on Efforts


List in construction. You can help us complete it and improve on it

( Brainstorming in progress )

  • Revamp
  • Make the page static
  • Organize the wiki page
  • Create new entries : locales ? / tools ? / Success stories ? / Partners ?
  • Resources : ask an entry for every school present on the site ? (annually ?)
  • QA : define default owner for education project issues
  • Be present and visible (please complete the list) :

  • Recent Issues

1) Installation / Usability

  • installation , mainly under Microsoft Windows, is problematic ( unique registration, ...etc)
  • Installation in a rightless environment

2) Compatibility

Again, with MS Office (examples, precise case, writing of a guide avoiding issues, find the most known of them .. )

3) Maths

  • formulas alignments

This is an incredibly well known and important default. Some migrations failed just because of this "detail".

See the sadly well known issue 972 , and referenced in IssueZilla since may 2001 (yes 2001 !) URL :

4) Unclassified

  • Suggestions of amelioration


Use Maxima in ?

Partial answer : as soon as I'll have the answer to "how interface" and Application written in Lisp ( Maxima is written in Lisp ), I promise I'll take the task over.

Update: I got some infos from Eike Rathke and Kendy. Playing with fork() exec() wait() .. stay tuned.

Ericb 12:07, 25 December 2007 (CET)

  • Success stories

Any positive success story of installation and /or use in your school, interests us.

Initiation to use

Be extremely careful is recommended, only the French Eductional system is described below

Which formations could concern ?

- type de formation : secondary, profesional formations ? - concerned courses: Maths ? Physics ? ( Other ? )

URL of reference : ( French, sorry )

Plan (translated from French ):

1. Introduction to a Spreadsheet use with (mise à jour 07/01/2006)

2. Use of Calc functions (last update 17/01/2006)

3. The alternative with the Spreadsheet (last update 12/01/2006)

4. Create diagrams using Calc

5. Improved study of Mathematical diagrams ( last update 16/05/2006)

Share your opinion whith this course. 

For every part, it could be interesting to define :

The relevant concerned programs

- the plan of the lesson

- the prerequisites of the lesson

- the objectives, well justified in the referential of the program

- the estimated time for the lesson

  • Pedagogical notes creation

Target: create pedagogical notes for the existing tools, improving the role of :

Every teacher will certainly have a personal way, but to obtain something consistent, it will be to follow a common skeleton, everybody is invited to improve.


  • The pedagogical frame of use: public / level
  • prerequisites,
  • the place in the progression,
  • the time of the sequence..etc
  • objectives,
  • the place dans le referential of the program,
  • limits .. (thanks to improve and complete the list)

  • Mutualisation of documents : ADD A LICENSE FOR THE CONTENT

Example of downloadable document with licence

  • Suggestions for academical correspondents

- recent the schools using ( write a list on the Wiki ? )

- inform people managing / to be aware of the project existence and invite them to join us (Education Project, list)

- keep the list of known issues up to date , and define a list of priorities : we need to concentrate our efforts to the correction of such issues ! - participate, if possiblee, to events who can involve project in your academy - recent such events - recent existing tools and documents, who bring a value added the pedagogical interest to be used ( next step : put them on the site, for download, but define precisely how do that "before" ) - be visible


European events

  • RMLL 2008 (France, Mont de Marsan, probably 1st or 2nd week of July )
  • Educatice ( France, Paris )
  • Apple Expo (France, Paris)
  • ParisExpo ( France, Paris) Paris Expo website
  • Solutions Linux Expo (France, Paris) [1] and [2]

Most of the other important events should be referenced there : Site de L'etudiant

  • AppleLiveExpo (Germany, Köln)
  • OOoCon 2008 (supposed occurring in Europa, not sure .. )
  • OpenExpo 2008 Bern ( Switzerland 12th-13th March )
  • FOSDEM 2008

US events

  • WWDC (San Francisco)
  • Mac World (San Francisco)

Asian events

African events

Oceanian events

Localisation projects

Below you will find all sub-projects of the main education project.

Those sub-projects are a good place to find :

  • resources in your own language,
  • documentation related to your educational system
  • a good starting point to build a bridge between OOo development and education in your own country.
  • that you bring into it !

Join us :

fr : Education Project in French

For French speaking countries : fr-EDUCATION

Switzerland project ( german only at this time ) : Project_EDUCATION-ch

List of schools


  • Define tabs for every country ?
  • Define arrays for all schools, including Schools logos, contacts for every ... etc ?

French schools already contacted :

Work in progress (this week)  :

please complete the list, and define/add contacts

Projects in progress

Volunteers to revamp the site

  • Raphael Bircher
  • Nicolas JEUDY


IRC channel

All informations are now available at Education_IRC_meetings wiki page.

Proposal : have regular IRC meetings ?

First IRC meeting scheduled for the week 12th - 17th of November 2007

Proposed :

server : Channel :

Done :

Register the channel : Chanserv is set as guard , mode secure On, Topiclock is on Define operators / tasks / Action Items

+ complete the list on wiki page


This section has been moved to : Education Courses


FIXME : complete :-)

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