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FIXME: DRAFT, define a better look, sort every point .. add missing
Current reflexion : [[1]]


Original links :

[Franck Hecker's blog]

Mozilla University is a pretty good example about what we have in mind :

[Mozilla University]

[Mozilla courses ]

Education_Courses/Toronto University

Education_Courses/Seneca College

Let's try  ?  :-)


We must know, as preliminary, what is taught in the most common situations in most of the schools


- Chinese education system for computing

- US System education system for computing

- French system education system for computing

- Other ...

Who will help, contribute for the courses

Three levels : elementary, secondary, university

difficult to teach programming for other students than university/schools, but some teachers from other levels can easely contribute.

How present them

Courses must have prerequisites, with skills precised, at different levels.

Beginner (can understand code containing it ) / Good knowledge ( used to ) / Designer skills ( the higher level )

Programming Language must be precised : C / C++ / Java / Objective C / Python / Shell / Xml

e.g. : Good understanding of pointers's use, objects, virtual classes, or basis in stl programming, or even Java

Courses must follow objectives :

  • knowledge
  • know how
  • experimental know how

Authors of courses must be visible

A clear progression must be defined

Define, for every courses, developers who can be contacted as technical contacts

Create applications illustrating the courses, including code sample


Education_Courses/Structure of the project

Education_Courses/ Source code


Education_Courses/SCM Tools

Education_Courses/EIS use

Education_Courses/CWS tools


Education_Courses/Writing Code


Education_Courses/Write specifications

Build dependencies, configure time, needs for every OS, architecture

examples: AquaBuild

  • Source Code

extract cws, create patches, apply them, propose patches

  • interactions with tools:

buildtime, dependencies management (build.lst) , solver (d.lst)

  • Build issues: acquire skills, share and teach them

- known typical issues: typical build issues ( makefile relevant); code issues: fix warnings

- how find info: IssueZilla, IRC

- provide a buildfix (patch)

- rules for commiting

- avoid general build breaker(s): portability rules

  • Writing code

- Coding Guidelines

- source code distribution: where find what

- rules for code review

- become a Domain Developer

Source code analyze ( + examples ) :

- vcl content and design -> use Mac OS X port as example

- svx content and design

- scp2: content and design

Feature implementation: how write specs, the process, integration process

Example of feature implementation: Native FilePicker on Mac OS X, for Aqua version of

Work in progress: new print dialog box

Manage a new feature implementation

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